My Quest for the Best Natural Deodorant

best natural deodorant

I don’t live a completely natural lifestyle but there are definitely areas of my life that I try to keep it as healthy as possible.  I buy mostly organic groceries, I lean towards natural skincare and I choose household cleaning items that are plant-based.  And I try to wear natural deodorant because aluminum freaks me out (Alzheimers connections, cancer links, etc).  My mom has been experimenting with natural deodorant since the 70s so I got in on the quest with her early on.  I’ve tried the ‘crystal,’ Tom’s, coconut oil, coconut oil + baking soda, random brands off Etsy, random brands off Amazon that people swear by and I always end up unimpressed and thinking I smell like onions (sorry, but it’s true).  In between each deodorant test, I go back to my trust Dove and I become enticed by its fresh scent and ability to keep me dry all day long.  I then feel bad and find a new deodorant to try – it’s a vicious cycle.

I asked you all on instagram what natural deodorants worked for you and I was overwhelmed with responses.  Also, it was clear that there were two winners out of the hundreds of responses I received:

Native (P&G just acquired this brand, just as an FYI)


Other popular responses:


Malin + Goetz

I am currently using Schmidt’s Rose + Vanilla scent and so far so good.  Sure, I don’t feel quite as fresh as when I use Dove but I also don’t feel like I am smelling mid-day like with other natural deodorants I’ve used in the past.  The trade-off of avoiding aluminum is the clear winner to me. But as a side note, I have heard of people reacting to Schmidt’s (like my friend and a few people told me on instagram) – but it’s been fine for me so far!  Even though it’s going well, I’m still going to try Native next.

Am I missing any?  Have you tried natural deodorant?



  1. I literally have tried them all and either they didn’t work (hello onion smell), or I broke out in a horrible underarm rash. So, because I am freaked out about aluminum too, I switched to men’s deodorant. For some reason, even though women do not, men have tons of deodorant options without anti-perspirant in mainstream companies available at all major retailers. I picked a scent that wasn’t too “manly” and while it’s not “natural”, it doesn’t contain aluminum, doesn’t give me a rash and best of all, I stay fresh all day!

  2. Alicia Arkell says:

    Guys! Lavanilla SPORT LUXE scent is the only one that works for me! I tried the other Lavanilla scents and they didn’t work for me at all. The sport luxe is kind of a man-ish smell but it’s so fresh! That’s my #1 pick

    • Funny because lavanilla lemon scent is the only one that works for me in that brand! Funny that different scents would make such a big difference but it really does with this brand!

  3. I’m using Native and so far so good. But, I’m not keen on the scents. Where is the Powder Fewsh or Shower clean? I’m not big on vanilla, fruity or lavender and that seems to be he go tos for all naturals.

  4. I also got the Schmidt’s Rose + Vanilla one to try it along with you. I love it – it smells great, and I do stay nice and dry/fresh all day actually. I am about 3 weeks in. The only negative there: it leaves a color on my clothes 🙁 So I only use it now when I wear black tops or really dark tops. I wouldn’t use it on anything white. Eeeek – I did on day 1 and woa. I love FA deodorant – I buy it in on line, from Germany. No toxic stuff and works 100%!

  5. I was using Primal Pit paste for a while with no problems. I tried Schimdt’s and then developed painful swollen lymph nodes in my armpits after a couple of weeks of use. I went back to Primal and the same thing happened. I am now using my husband’s Dove Men Care Clean Comfort 48 hr deodorant! It works pretty well (works better for him -why?!) but every now and then I have to slip out of barre class and use the regular deodorant in the bathroom! I can not find any women’s “deodorant” by Dove or Secret, etc.

  6. Soapwalla has two: original formula and a sensitive skin formula that omits baking soda. The original is the best deodorant I’ve ever used – natural or not. I’m over the moon to have found it after a lifelong search. Sensitive skin formula doesn’t offer the same protection as long (on me it’s gone by 3pm) but it is very gentle for those who react in rashes. I’m not compensated. I’m just the biggest fan of a deodorant that does what it promises.

  7. I have experienced underarm rashes with natural deodorant, but I currently am having a lot of success switching back and forth between Schmidt’s Tea Tree (for sensitive skin) and Primal Pit Paste in lavender. The Primal Pit Paste has an AMAZINGLY lovely lavender scent and seriously lasts all day. I wish I could wear it everyday, but, those without sensitive skin probably can!

  8. I loved Lavanila for a while but I feel like it has stopped working for me. I asked for Primally Pure as a stocking stuffer this year after some good blogger reviews. Hoping it does the trick. If not I might try Schmidt’s or the Lavanila Sport Luxe as recommended above.

  9. I have been on this same quest this year! I’ve tried the Free Range – Active strength, which works for me. It’s pricey, but it’s certified organic and made in New Zealand (where I live). I’m also testing out the Freedom deodorants (bought their sampler pack on Amazon). It’s working so far and I like the scents, but it does get a bit messy on the applicator as it’s quite soft.
    Both of these brands require a mid-day reapplication on the hottest days, but they’re easy enough to carry in my bag and it’s worth it to me to avoid all of the chemicals and aluminium. My mum was diagnosed with breast cancer this year and it was a huge wake-up call.
    Thanks for the recommendations, I’ll have to try these, too!

  10. I used the Lavender Schmidts for a few years and ended up getting sensitive to it due to the baking soda. So I switched to their sensitive skin option and so far so good. I got the Geranium scent and love it. Just FYI in case things change for you.

  11. Piper Wai, Skin Food (Etsy) and Native are great. The only advice I’d give a newbie is to let the deodorant adjust to your body chemistry.

  12. I am recently into Sam’s Natural Deodorant Stick. I have the women’s scent and I really like it. They have a bunch of other scents too. It reminds me a lot of Schmidt’s but a little less granular.

  13. Rachel Conway says:

    I just stumbled upon this blog and wanted to offer up my experience as well. I sweat like a man, but tell myself that it’s completely normal! I also used to smell like a ripe onion! I tried so many natural deodorants, but finally found one that worked – Lavender & Leaf deodorant. I use their Lavender Tea Tree scent and have also tried their Unscented. Both work well!

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