When In Doubt (See Jane Wear)

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shirt (similar here and here), jeans (similar maternity jeans),
shoes (also here and similar), sunglasses, Chloé bag
I receive a lot of questions about maternity style and trust me, although this is my second pregnancy, I’m still learning along the way.  My advice is to always keep it simple and keep your maternity-specific purchases minimal.  Like it or not, your body changes and you won’t necessarily be wearing your favorite high-waisted skinny jeans two weeks after giving birth.  Try not to focus on the sizes, but rather, the longevity of the items you’re purchasing while pregnant.  I have a more tactical post coming up on what exactly I buy while pregnant but in general, I keep it simple in maternity jeans and oversized tops (if I’m not wearing dresses).  Protip: wear a man’s oxford (your husband/boyfriend’s works!) with skinny jeans and some fun shoes to feel like a million bucks.

dl1961 maternity jeans

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dl1961 maternity jeans jimmy choo vernie


  1. So I'm so glad you said maternity jeans- I didn't buy one single maternity item last pregnancy, there were no elasticated waist bands and my kid hung out ready for D-day happy in my cervix pretty much the WHOLE TIME! This time I'm only 10 weeks in and have two pairs of awesome maternity jeans and I don't even want to see my normal jeans for like the next 8-9 months. On the flip side I prefer to buy tops that I would buy pregnant or not and agreed on the loose and comfy.. Love your maternity style!

  2. So cute! This summer, I saw you at the beach with your family – while I was with my kids and my sister – and now I see you across the street from my office in these photos. So cool! I too am prego (#4 – I know crazy) – and I love your prego style tips. I say stick to skinny jeans/slacks and were oversized or husbands tops too. It is easy and looks really pulled together. Well done you!

  3. You look absolutely gorgeous because you are thin as a rail–but the rest of us pregnant? Wearing an oversized men's Oxford looks like…well, wearing an oversized men's Oxford–like I'm swimming (drowning rather) in a pool of stiff cotton. I also disagree on not buying maternity items. For those who want/have several children, it equates to several years of our life where we are resigned to wearing ill fitting or uncomfortable/oversized clothing. Several years of your life is definitely worth investing in new clothing that makes you feel beautiful.

    • I hear you and definitely appreciate the fact that we're all different shapes and sizes while pregnant BUT I stand by my thoughts around buying non-maternity pieces in larger sizes because there are so many great, on-trend longer styles that you can wear WHILE having a bump…and you can wear them post-pregnancy which is important for me because it took about 8 months to lose the baby weight. Also, I have always found maternity brands always feel low-quality and don't look that great on me, so I'd rather buy pieces that I like and can wear when I'm different sizes. Check out my most recent post, because I'm definitely with you that things like maternity jeans are a definite must and worth the investment. Thanks for the comment and I really do appreciate your differing point of view–perhaps I can make it my mission to find some awesome maternity clothes that I love, too 🙂

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