Third Piece (See Jane Wear)

iro jacket azure
Paige flares (shop more white flare jeans HERE),  IRO jacket (shop more IRO jackets HERE), rag & bone tee,
Belly band (shop more maternity pants HERE), mules (shop mules HERE), Saint Laurent sunglasses,
Chanel boy bag

 I don’t want to go on and on about my guidelines for maternity dressing, but third pieces are key.  Third pieces are essentially light jackets–blazers, leather jackets, knit jackets, etc.  You can wear them (open) with any size of pregnancy AND pre/post baby, so I feel comfortable investing in them any time of year.  These photos are from springtime when I was early in my pregnancy but I wore the jacket yesterday, six months into carrying this baby.  In fact, my non-pregnant friend wore the exact same outfit (photo evidence here)–so she’s bought into third pieces, as well.

iro azure jacket white flares


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