Short + Sweet (See Jane Wear)

Suncoo dress (shop Suncoo here + similar), Zara leather jacket (shop leather jackets here + old but similar),
Saint Laurent boots, Chanel bag

Weekends generally leave me feeling relaxed, refreshed, and missing my family.  This past weekend, I dealt with my first scary toddler fever and I now I have a case of cabin fever.  My poor little guy was running fevers all weekend–and let me tell you, nothing is worse than a sick baby..especially a toddler who can’t fully pinpoint what’s wrong.  Although it’s been taxing and he’s still sick, it makes you grateful for the fact that he’s still pretty healthy and that the illness will pass (well, I hope so!).  Eric just got over a nasty case of bronchitis and suffice to say, I’m officially over winter.  I need some fresh air, dammit!

*photos by Iron + Honey


  1. I love your outfit! That dress is so pretty and springy but you've styled in such such a great combination way! i love those booties! And I hope your little man gets better asap!

  2. Right there with ya! I have a 5 and 2 year old. It's been croup, stomach flu, ear infection, colds on repeat the past few weeks. It makes me realize how much I take our beautiful, healthy seasons for granted. Hope your little one is on the mend. Love this look. Perfect mix of feminine with a bit of edge.

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