Perfect Poncho (See Jane Wear)

Theory poncho (also in brick here), Frame jeans, Manolo Blahnik heels,
Saint Laurent bag
+ sunglasses, Gap belt
Is this a poncho?  A wrap sweater?  A blanket?  A slip ‘n slide?  Well, whatever it is, it’s warm and invites lots of comments from perfect strangers.  Help me think of a few other things I can tell people what it is when they ask (in the comments below!).
(Also, I bought this poncho during friends & family, but you can shop less expensive versions here.)
fall poncho outfit

belted poncho outfit ideas

gray poncho heels

designer poncho outfit


  1. A cape or the best thing ever for fall days! 🙂
    Once the postman laughed at me because he thought I was wearing a blanket. He has obviously never experienced the greatness that comes with wearing a cape! haha

    such a beautiful outfit, the blue and gray shades are so perfect!

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