Past Octobers (See Jane Wear)

Isn’t it funny to watch your style evolve?  Sometimes, I think, ‘nailed it.”  While other times, I think–
‘wow, I can’t believe I had friends at that point in life.’

Let’s take a stroll, shall we?

October 2014:  I wasn’t yet back to my fighting weight after having Harry, but was anxious to get back into the fashion swing of things.  I feel no embarrassment for this outfit and would wear it again tomorrow.

October 2013:  I was pregnant but hadn’t yet told anyone (I must’ve been about 13 weeks here).  This is one of my post popular Pinterest outfits, funnily enough.  I remember picking it out that day and thinking I belonged on Pinterest in this get up because I was wearing so many trends at once–leopard, leather, stripes, ripped jeans, oh my!  I most likely wouldn’t wear this exact outfit again, but would be game for a toned down version–must be the mom in me coming out.

October 2012:  It’s ironic that I claimed in this post that I didn’t want to “look straight out of October 2012.”  Well, I do, but that’s ok.  You have NO idea how much I wanted those Theory leather leggings.  I hemmed and hawed over them for a year before finally biting the bullet and guess what?  I still love them.  This outfit is alright–I have a bit of buyer’s remorse over that pink Mulberry purse, but live and learn, right!?

October 2011: Holy Toledo–remember glitter booties?  Of course you do..they still sell them Well, four years ago, I MADE these.  I must say, I still wear most of the pieces in this photo..except the glitter booties (can you blame me?).  This is a perfectly preppy look and I have no qualms with it, except for the sparkly shoes.  I’ve been blogging so long that bucket bags have been in twice already.


  1. Just found your blog last night and adore it! Can't wait to start following along. Love your style πŸ™‚ This post is great! I can't imagine having an archive of past outfits for myself..I'm sure it'd be funny to look back.

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