The Art of Re-wearing (See Jane Wear)

rag bone ripped knee jeans with aztec jacket
ASOS aztec jacket (old but similar), rag & bone ripped knee jeans (old but similar), J Crew silk cami,
ShoeMint ‘Miller’ mules (similar)
, Chloé bucket bag (similar)

Two items in this outfit are two years old (wore the jacket here and the jeans here).  One item in this outfit is six years old (proof that bucket bags never go out of style).  Maybe you’ve noticed that blogs these days have become very shopping oriented; they’re largely about consuming and showcasing new clothes rather than thriving on creativity and the thought that you can truly build out a wardrobe on essential pieces. I get it–fashion is frivolous and I’m not giving this shift in blogging the side-eye, because I too, am a major consumer.  There’s a huge thrill for me when buying something new but I also get that same rush from pulling an old pair of jeans from my closet that I bought years ago and know that the cost per wear is essentially nil.

Maybe it’s the 30 year old in me.  Maybe it’s my good ol’ midwest roots.  But, sometimes I like re-wearing things and I really love telling someone who asks where I got something, “oh, I got it at (insert place) a few years ago.”  It makes me feel pathetically a little proud.  And it also helps me further ignore the really expensive thing(s) in my closet that I’ve worn once.

aztec jacket with distressed jeans and mules
bucket bag, nude mules heels


  1. Sounds like we're on the same page. I have been working to build my wardrobe for years and love getting to say I've had something for so long. It makes me happy to see that I still the love things I bought five years ago, that they were good choices, money well spent. But of course, I love to shop for new things too. This is a great look, that jacket is so cute!

    prosecco in the park

  2. Perfect pair of jeans will be always a perfect pair of jeans and hard to replace. 🙂 Also, if you like your bag and jacket, why wouldn't you wear them as much as you like? I'm glad that you went for what your 30 year old self knows better than the 20 year old self which just wants to have a jammed closet of tons of clothes, so that I make sure I have "enough" to not re-wear the same pieces all the time.

  3. I absolutely agree with you about the nature of fashion blogging. I decided my own blog wasn't going to be a fashion blog, because I'm not interested in buying new things every few weeks so I can always be current and exciting, but also because I'm really trying to work on developing my own personal sense of style that can carry through into new and old pieces. I'm also trying a capsule wardrobe, and its so hard to remember that my style can always come through, even if I'm rewearing the same things for 3 months. Thanks for sharing your reflections! Also that jacket is great!


  4. I agree with you! We are always on the buying mode, especially blogger who try to make money while blogging… you are right, some things are worth investing into and they don't ever go out of style.
    Plus it's good to know that you still fit into those jean after a few year and baby! YAY!

    Happy Medley

  5. I'm so glad you wrote about this. I'm constantly try to find the next best thing to shop, buy, wear. Repeat! I definitely dig into my closet for my oldies but goodies, but rarely to I write about them. These pieces deserve more credit. They're always good inspiration for the next shopping trip anyway 😉

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