DIY Peony Bouquet (See Jane Make)

Peonies are the darling flowers of springtime.  Their season is short and when they’re in bloom, people go crazy–myself included.  I was married in Sayulita, Mexico, where peonies are scarce; being that it was my big day and that they are my favorite flower, I had the florist import them from Columbia.  (I have no regrets; I loved my flowers.)  But even I, a diehard peony lover, grow tired of the same old five peonies in a vase.  I decided to build my own bouquet to complement this beautiful flower.  My personal mix is listed below (all bought at Sprout Home, here in Chicago):

Peonies – The star of the show (hint:  they’re cheapest at farmers markets and Trader Joes!)
Dusty Miller – The silvery gray leaves are the prettiest fillers, often seen in wedding bouquets.
Vilburnum – I always thought these were just green hydrangeas; I’m such an amateur.  The vibrant green is a great foil to the soft and fluffy peony.

PS.  If you can get your mitts on the elusive light pink peony, grab it and run!  It’s white with a hint of pale pink–much more delicate than the bubblegum pink peonies you see everywhere.


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