Maternity Style is Hard (See Jane Wear)

J Crew double breasted blazer, Gap blouse, James Jeans maternity jeans (c/o), Madewell leopard loafers, Saint Laurent sunglasses, Chanel bag

Am I boring you?  Because I’m starting to bore myself.  Why?  Well first off, hardly anything in my closet fits these days.  Most of my shirts won’t go over over my stomach and I don’t want to buy a bunch of new things that I can only wear for a few weeks.  I only have a handful of maternity pants (which are lifesavers) but the same jeans day after day gets old and fast.  For now, I present you ‘the classics.’  Blue jeans and a blue blazer–the solution when all else fails.  I’m just thankful that my blazers/jackets still fit (unbuttoned, of course), as do my purses.



  1. One or two white super long maternity tanks (maybe a size up) will help cover your belly and make you feel more comfortable. If even for a few weeks- I needed it with both my pregnancies. Worth the $30. 😉

  2. I love this look. I've been tired of my leopard smoking slippers, and you've just inspired my outfit for the day – nothing wrong with sticking to classics! And, I'm convinced that the shoes and the purse are what really make the outfit anyway – rock em! 🙂

  3. I was all about maxi skirts and dresses. When I was as far along as you are, I couldn't even wear my shoes anymore…my feet went up 1.5 sizes! Just know you are doing/looking fab for this stage in the game.

  4. 30 weeks pregnant. . . I get it. Wandered through a few stores to gawk at Spring and Summer styles, and to buy my toddler some rain boots. Thought about maternity clothes but balked at the thought of dropping another dime on maternity-anything.

    I couldn't even imagine being a fashion blogger during this stage of life! You get varying degrees of style from me at this stage. Some days you're lucky that I dressed at all.

  5. I saw on a different blog there's this maternity clothing line called HATCH – that you can wear after you have your baby too! – Not cheap, but could be a nice splurge?
    There's also a new brand/concept called STORQ.

    You can also wear lots of scraves! My boss was recently pregnant and really picked up wearing different scarves with neutral-colored (black) dresses.

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