Tough Girl (See Jane Wear)

Muubaa leather jacket, American Rag sweater, H&M striped shirt,
Maternity James Jeans c/o, Saint Laurent sunglasses

It’s tough to dress “cool” when you’re pregnant.  Cute and pretty–sure, because you can throw on a dress, but often times the large bump has a difficult time portraying an edgy vibe.  Granted, this look isn’t very tough-looking (mild at best), but I’m hoping I’m not going to be like a regular mom–I’d rather be a “cool mom.” (see: Mean Girls reference).


  1. At 29 weeks pregnant myself, I can TOTALLY relate. I already have three kids and consider myself to be a cool mom (LOVE the MG ref btw), but being an edgy pregnant woman can be tricky. Best to you and baby! I've loved reading your blog, but I do get jealous at how teeny tiny you still are pregnant while I'm . . . not any more. #longingfornormalityagain

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