Think Spring Thoughts (See Jane Wear)

BB Dakota dress, H&M tights, Kenna-T leather jacket (old but similar),
Chanel bag, Saint Laurent sunglasses, Prada booties

I want to buy new clothes so badly for two reasons: first, I think buying spring clothes will make the snow melt (it’s been proven).  Second, I’m trying to refrain from purchasing new clothes since I’m in the home stretch of pregnancy (9 weeks to go!).  Fingers crossed that I’m able to fit back into my pre-pregnancy jeans (can anyone offer some advice on how long it takes?).  For now, I’ll just be recycling the old, save for a maternity dress here or there, which I’ll probably wear to an upcoming baby shower. See you soon, spring and baby boy.


  1. I was back in regular clothes two days after I had my daughter in 2011 but each body is different and it depends on the type of delivery you have too. BFing helps massively as well. Sure the tummy area will be soft and spongey but it can ping back amazingly quickly to being flat-ish. After a natural delivery though jeans probably aren't the most comfortable! I stuck with skirts and dresses 🙂

    Good luck!

  2. You look gorgeous as always. I love that dress.
    I have a feeling you'll fit in your jeans within a few weeks. You are naturally very lean and that will work in your favor. I would get regular exercise and try to keep the carbs to a minimum, eat clean food and lots of fruits and veggies:) You will be back in your favorite skinnys in no time:)
    XO, Gina

  3. When you FIT into regular jeans and when you actually want to wear them will likely be two different things. Especially if your little one doesn't keep milk down successfully after each feeding (our washing machine ran for almost 2 months straight trying to keep up with all of the shirts/pants/rugs that my son managed to spit up on). Yoga pants may have been a primary wardrobe feature for a little too long, but it saved my jeans from being worn for 15 minutes before needing to hit the wash. Stock up on laundry detergent now, just in case 😉

    The Salty Hanger

  4. For someone who's been refraining from shopping, you look extremely fabulous, baby bump and all. And wow, 9 weeks! I don't think you'd have a hard time at all fitting back in those pre-pregnancy clothes. Best wishes for you and the baby xo

  5. My little guy is 24 weeks old and I can get into about half my jeans. You'll have an easier time I think. Judging from your pictures, you did not go on a huge carb fest like I did and gain 60 pounds. LOL. Good luck with the last weeks.

  6. I could button my usual jeans by day 6 post partum, but there was still some jiggly-ness to deal with.

    I was cleared to start working out again after 6 weeks (although I was walking daily as I could and doing some light Pilates before that). I started jillian michaels body revolution 6 weeks post partum and was back to pre baby weight/size (2-4) by 3-4 months.

    I wore a belly bandit and shrinxhips 24 hours a day from a few days post baby until 6-8 weeks and I credit that with getting my hips back to their usual size. Lots of mom friends I has who didn't wear something like that may be back to pre baby weight but it's distributed very differently and some can't wear their pre baby pants because their hips are much wider

  7. I gained about 25 pounds with each pregnancy (I'm a mom of 3) and I think by 2 months my jeans fit, and at 4 months I was skinnier than pre-pregnancy, thanks to exercise and breast feeding. Enjoy it all and best wishes!

  8. You look awesome! It's different for everyone. I had a friend that was back in her jeans two weeks after giving birth. I took several months, my sister never went back. It's just how your body will adjust, no one can say for sure.

    But don't beat yourself up if it takes longer, or never. You just gave birth to a human, a perfect human you will love more than you knew possible. That's the important thing.

    Enjoy the comfort of maternity clothing as long as you can, it's amazing how restricting things feel after elastic waistbands. haha!

  9. You look like you're all belly, as was I. I had my daughter in June and walked everywhere. Hopefully by the spring it will be nice enough for you to do the same. I'd say about a month – 2 months I was back in my regular jeans. Good luck!

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