Pink Pop (See Jane Wear)

Zara dress (similar), ASOS coat (obviously a current favorite), H&M tights, MZ Wallace clutch,
Prada booties, Ray Ban sunglasses, T+J Designs necklace (c/o)

I’m at a point where only dresses or sweatpants are truly comfortable.  Sure, you’ll still catch me in pants, but they’ve become less and less appealing as this belly grows.  Also, the countdown to this bebe boy has officially begun.  I feel like I’m scrambling a bit but in all honestly, that’s when I get the most accomplished (true life: I’m a procrastinator).  I’ve been thinking about diaper bags, yet again, and now I’m re-thinking the whole ‘anti-nylon’ stance I took.   Someone commented that they see lots of moms toting MZ Wallace bags and it’s gotten me thinking.  I’m liking this coral tote and this straw bag (for summer of course)–see the rest of my picks below.


  1. My only recommendation on the diaper bag situation would be to keep your everyday bag a little smaller than a lot of the catch-all, small duffel sized bags out there. I have two diaper bags – a large, rather utilitarian Lug bag for overnight trips, and a smaller Skip Hop Versa (which I LOVE) for every day.

    My favourite thing about the smaller bag is that it's purse-like in appearance, but easy to clean and well compartmentalized. As women, we know how to fill a purse/bag, so keeping it smaller keeps in from being a pain in the behind to haul around. My back hurts just looking at some women carrying around their mega-bags.

  2. I can't believe you're still wearing heels! I couldn't get anything besides flip flops or flats on my third trimester. Feet were too swollen and I was too wobbly! I hope you slipped into something more comfortable after taking photos!

  3. @anon and @tali – I haven't swelled up….yet. I've been wearing heels to work (granted, I commute in boots) so my feet feel pretty good still! We'll see how they feel once I'm 36 weeks. I actually wore this outfit to a friend's birthday brunch and it only lasted a few hours so I was fine 🙂

  4. have you considered the llbean boat totes? the camo one is super cute…i love my mz wallace bag but i wish the inside had a contrasting color…its like a black hole! good luck and enjot the countdown to baby

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