Layers in Pregnancy (See Jane Wear)

Rebecca Taylor shearling vest (also on sale here), H&M coat, Joie sweater, ASOS maternity jeans,  
Seychelles boots, Chloé bag (old but similar)

I thought being pregnant during the wintertime would be a breeze.  Chicago is absolutely frigid during the winter months so I thought to myself, “perfect. I’ll stay indoors, nest, and wear baggy sweaters.”  Turns out, the whole jeans/sweater combination gets old…and fast.  I can’t wear my favorite winter dresses and skirts anymore and I constantly feel like I’m in a dressing rut (and I have a hard time justifying a bunch of new clothes that won’t fit my post-baby body).  Lastly, I feel like my usual winter layers just make me look huge; and soon, I won’t be able to zip up my coat.

Alright, enough whining from me; I just have a whole new appreciation for maternity dressing–it’s not easy!  My promise to you (and myself) is that I will get a bit more creative as I continue to grow in size.


  1. Trust me that it only gets harder to be more creative with outfits the further along you get 🙂 I lived in jeans and loose sweaters during my pregnancy. You look amazing…hope you're staying warm!

  2. I recently discovered your blog (I love it!) and I'm exactly 25 weeks, too (and having a boy!). I'll be honest – I've had a couple crying-in-my-closet episodes because it is so frustrating not fitting in my clothes and feeling so…… big. So I definitely know exactly how you feel! Although I do look at your pictures and wish I was as cute and tiny as you and was super jealous you could still fit in your Rag and Bone jeans a couple weeks ago.. I grew out of my jeans pretty early 🙁 Anyway, I wanted you to know you're not alone and I do think you look amazing!

  3. I'll be 28 weeks on Tuesday (boy!) and so far am trying to limit my spending on things that will work post pregnancy too. I say invest in a couple of super drapey open front cashmere cardigans, they are great for nursing too. I actually kind of like the challenge of a capsule wardrobe during pregnancy. It really helped me see that I didn't need so much in my non-maternity wardrobe.

  4. I can so empathize about being in a clothing rut with pregnancy. I naively thought that I could get away with non-maternity wear(a couple of stylish mamas said they did not own one maternity piece). Every body and pregnancy is different for sure. I think you look fantastic!

  5. You look absolutely amazing and not at all huge!! I love how casual yet chic your style still is. You've definitely got it down.
    Also I'm sooo jealous of your winter wonderland in Chicago. Here in Austria there's not even a little bit of snow in sight…
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  6. Totally feel ya! I'm 36 weeks pregnant and refuse to buy new clothes that I'll only wear for a few more weeks. Big sweaters have become my only option to stay warm. Not flattering at all.

  7. I am 21 weeks and feel your pain! No coats zip and I def feel the outfit rut. Last time I was preg in the summer/fall and so everything is different now. But trust me, you don't want to be in those last weeks trying to put on your boots – That's what helpful husbands are for!

  8. You do look great! Here is a tip: Don't feel bad about buying some clothes that fit you now. You will wear them again as your body gradually goes back down to your pre-pregnancy size after the baby is born! Think of clothes that you can layer now, then wear again in the Spring. (It only took me three pregnancies to figure this out!) Again, you look fabulous. Love your blog.

  9. Anna, you still look absolutely great! Layers are definitely the way to go, and I think a maternity coat will be a great investment for you (I can't button up my winter coats over my bump these days either!) But just know that you are beautiful and enjoy your precious little growing bump!

  10. You're so cute though!!! I'm pregnant too- 16 weeks. I've followed you for quite some time but now specifically check your blog to see what you're wearing. You may feel like your outfits are blah but you look great! And you've introduced me to asos maternity. Hope their shipping is easy. Thanks!

  11. You look great! I am 26 weeks pregnant with my 4th and I am having trouble finding tops that are flattering too (I refuse to buy maternity). I love your black maternity jeans. Do they fit true to size?

  12. just came upon your blog when i saw that you lived in chicago. me too. born and raised.

    i also carried my children in the winter, april & may babies. 78 & 79, irish twins.

    times are a little different from when i was pregnant. i wore tent style tops, pants with stretch material in the front and "earth shoes". in my time once you started showing you put your normal clothes away and bought maternity.

    before becoming pregnant every day clothes for
    me was very ali macgraw in love story. very preppy.

    but one day while out shopping i came across a pair of mens bib overalls. i bought a pair and an oversize chunky sweater and for the entire winter i lived in them.

    35 years later,packed in a storage box, i still have those same bibs.

    happy dressing.

  13. Sweater dresses with tights helped me out through the winter. GAP maternity has some great maternity tights. And maybe some of your hubbies button up shirts with a belt above the bump. Belting the bump makes it look so cute for second trimester frumpiness.

  14. Hi! Just stumbled onto your blog. Congrats on expecting! Motherhood is awesome!!!! I never bought maternity clothes. I just sized up in everything and it worked great for me. For the winter time, I wore a lot of tights (again size up) and pulled it over my belly. haha Have you trying belting your outfits? I belted everythinggggg and it really helped me pull my look together. I think you look awesome – not frumpy at all. Bottom line – comfort is key! Can't wait to see updates.

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