Cruel Summer (See Jane Wear)

Joie top (on sale!), Current/Elliot jeans (c/o W Concept), Zara heels (similar), Karen Walker sunglasses, Chloe bag (old but love this one)

Fall came early in Chicago this weekend.  What I had hoped would be just another sunny, summer weekend, turned out to be cold and blustery.  It dawned on me that fall is just around the corner, so I dressed in all white in an attempt to grasp on to what summer we have left.  But who am I kidding–I’ll probably be wearing more white on white ensembles (like here and here) from here on out.
How was your weekend?  Not as chilly, I hope?


  1. I love how you wore a see-through shirt without looking skanky. I'm impressed. And it was chilly here in Indiana too! This weekend it was about a million degrees cooler than this time last year. I'm not complaining though…it's gorgeous!

  2. Cute! I wore a top like that, knotted up with a high waisted black skirt, and was wondering how to make it more summery. White pants, obviously! I love how clean and fresh it looks!

  3. Vermont has been dipping into chilly temperatures at night and I'm not impressed. Time to break out all the summer pieces I haven't gotten around to wearing!

  4. I CANT BELIEVE IT WAS THAT COLD!! I was in Greece looking at instagram pics from people in Chicago in long skirts, sweaters and layers!! Shock and disbelief washed over me. But on my end it was sun sun sun!! Vacation is the best!

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