Anna Banana (See Jane Wear)

J Crew linen tank, Zara maxi skirt (old/rolled up to midi-length), Prada wedges, Clare Viver clutch (c/o W Concept), Gap sunglasses

I wear this tank at least once a week (last seen here).  Why?  Well, for starters it’s linen, so in this heat,  I stay comfortable and cool.  Also, it has bananas on it and virtually everyone under the sun called me “Anna Banana” growing up.  To my newer readers who are confused by the fact that my first name isn’t Jane, don’t worry–it’s my middle name.  Here I am:  Anna ‘the Banana ‘Jane.


  1. Rolling a maxi into a midi is such a smart idea! I just discovered 100% linen shirts from J.Crew and am SO in love with them in the summer! Also, ha, "Anna Banana" always reminds me of a scene in Lindsay Lohan's Freaky Friday… wow, that was YEARS ago!

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