Artistic (See Jane Wear)

Gap blouse (very old but similar), F21 pants (old but similar here and here), J Crew heels (sold out color but similar), KW sunglasses, J Crew + Giles & Bro bracelet
If I was an art teacher, this is exactly the type of outfit I’d wear to class.  When I was in grade school, I always thought my art teachers dressed so kooky and I have a feeling my pupils would think the same thing about this outfit.  Also, did you guys have to use one of your dad’s old button-up shirts as your art smock?  I wish I could look back on those days as an adult now and see me and all my grade school friends running around in these huge, paint-stained shirts that once belonged to our dads.


  1. Jessica Wallace says:

    Can I just say that I am obsessed with your clothes. Your style is casual, with just the right amount of chic. I pin almost every one of your outfits! Seriously, You are one of my biggest style inspirations


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