Vertical (See Jane Wear)

Zara skirt (similar)J crew sweatshirt, thrifted Gap jean jacket (similar), Zara heels (old but similar), KW sunglasses

Although stripes take up a huge part of my closet, this is my first try with the vertical kind.  They’re a a bit intimidating and a lot bold, so I paired it with the most disarming pieces in my closet: a  light sweatshirt and denim jacket.  A light sweatshirt, denim jacket and pajama pants is what I wear to walk Jerome most nights, too; I wasn’t kidding when I said that they go with everything.


  1. I need myself one of these skirts, asap! I feel like it would be great to pair with any sort of shoes. Heels, sneaker wedges, flats, etc.

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