Less Than Zero (See Jane Freeze)

J Crew coat, crewcuts sweater, Old Navy chambray shirt, Gap cords, Joie boots (c/o), Chloe bag, Gap hat, J Crew gloves

It’s not really less than zero degrees (Fahrenheit) but it sure feels like it.  This is the type of cold that no matter how long you’ve endured it, there’s just no adjusting to it.  I’ve lived in a 4-season climate my whole life and somehow I’m surprised every January when it gets this cold.  My stay-warm tactics: lightweight layers, thick pants (these cords are actually a deep purple/burgundy–it’s a shame my camera can never capture their true color) and cute hats/gloves. 

For all my fellow freezing readers, how do you stay warm in when it feels like a tundra outside?


  1. I live a little east of Chicago by a few hours, so we're just now getting that arctic blast that came through. It's FREEZING! I stay warm with lots of wool sweaters and coats.


  2. Tank, button down, sweater, hooded coat (must cover bottom), giant american apparel infinity scarf, hat, gloves, thickest jeans and even though they are not cute UGGs :/ just for the walk! Acceptable shoes stashed at work. Stay warm!

  3. I got to stay inside today for the holiday! But tomorrow it's back to the grind and there's a high of 18 tomorrow here in Indianapolis. Brrrrr. I'm planning on wearing my fleece lined leggings, plus a dress, plus a cardigan, plus a coat, plus a scarf. Hopefully that will be enough.

    ~Sarah of the New and Improved Sarah's Real Life

  4. Everytime I come to your blog, and everytime I see you wearing that gorgeous J.Crew coat, I convince myself that I need it. And then I somehow talk myself out of it. This time, I really do think I need it!

    You're a beaut as always! And a beaut with beautiful clothes at that!

    tiana of l'esthetique

  5. Love the perfect simplicity of this coat – and the color combos/ textures of this look! It is a talent to still look cute in Arctic temperatures!

  6. Sometimes I think my pain receptors are off because a light jacket and some gloves are all I need when it's this cold. I run in 15 degree weather in just yoga pants, a jacket, and a hat and gloves. Don't get me wrong, I much prefer warm weather, but I'm not usually as affected by the cold as everyone else.

    Curves & Curls

  7. I just left Chicago last night, and although it was cold, but not unbearable Thursday-Sunday, on Monday, it was unreal. I don't know how you Chicago-ites do it! I felt like my face was about to freeze off. And my legs were icicles, despite wearing pants.

    I wore my J.Crew cocoon coat, too…that thing is ridiculously warm.

  8. It's pretty cold here in Ohio! I'm a big fan of wearing boots, because it gives me the perfect excuse to break out the wooly, super-comfy socks! Other than that, when it's ACTUALLY below-zero…fashion goes out the window for safety and warmth!

  9. I live in North Dakota (today's high is -7!) but am originally from Alabama…so I'm a big baby when it comes to the cold. I wear a lot of fleece-lined tights and flat boots in the winter. I also have a fantastic Eddie Bauer down jacket that is super lightweight (but super warm) that is thin enough to layer under other coats. So I've been wearing it under a wool herringbone coat I got on clearance at Old Navy a few weeks ago and it's the perfect weight/warmth without feeling too constricting. Plus cute hats and gloves make everything better. 🙂

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