Spearmint (See Jane Wear)

thrifted dress (last seen here), Zara tweed blazer + shoes, Karen Walker sunglasses

Wearing this dress made me nostalgic for the last time it was photographed–I can’t believe it’s been a year!  I’m also noticing the stark contrast between Andrea’s photos and mine; dang, she’s good.  Anyway, I enhanced the vivid, green color of the dress with a bright white and black shoes.  This is much more office appropriate this time around but still provides a great transition from day to night, which is exactly what I needed.


  1. The dress is really beautiful, what a pity you don't wear it more often! I love this color on you, I'm also recently a big fan of green and blue (apart from the pastel-trend) – I think for blondes colors like this are just perfect!
    May I ask you something? What do you think about the shoes? In Germany, they are the "blogger-must-have" shoes of last month, but well, I don't know, I tried them on, and I found them very classy and chic, and the price was okay (as I usually think zara shoes are to high priced for their not so good quality) but they were so uncomfortable, I litterally couldn't walk in them, as they "cut of the blood from my toes" (please excuse the last expression, I really didn't know how to explain it in english).

    xxx Anita

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