Canary (See Jane Wear)

Joe Fresh top (similar), J Crew scarf (old), J Brand jeans, Spike the Punch necklace (c/o), Old Navy/DIY boots, Mulberry bag, Karen Walker sunglasses

What a weekend!  My sister adopted the cutest 7 month-old pup on a whim yesterday (well, not really a whim, she’s wanted a dog for years) and I just had to show her off.  We believe her to be a beagle/collie mix but if you have an eye for dog breeds, feel free to chime in with suggestions!  She’s really a sweetheart and I’m already a proud aunt.


  1. she is a cutie! I think she may have a little bit of basset hound thrown in there… they are quite similar to beagles they come from the same hound family.

  2. What a cutie!! Definitely got some beagle in him, and he's sort of fluffy like a collie, so I can see where you'd get that from.

    I love the scarf you're wearing–goes so well with your blouse!

  3. Awe she's SO cute! I've had a serious case of puppy fever lately and have been begging Tanner to let me have a dog when we move to NYC… we shall see. 😉

  4. Definitely a beagle mix of some sort. Looks like it may have some Australian Shepherd also. Love the outfit – you look great in yellow. Spoil that puppy rotten. He is a cutie.

  5. ANNA, I LOVE THIS OUTFIT (oops sorry turned the caps off) – and your extra cute accessory! The yellow shirt is fab on you! Is that a current Joe Fresh piece?

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