Jean Jacket (See Jane Wear)

Gap jacket (eBay), UO top, J Crew skirt (very old), unknown necklace (old/gift from mom), Dolce Vita boots,
Karen Walker sunglasses

I haven’t worn a jean jacket in forever.  However, this morning, it seemed to be the only lightweight coat that worked with my outfit.  My favorite jean jacket was from J Crew and I bought it high school, but it ended up being thrown in the trash my senior year of college (long story).  Dismayed and broke, I bought this as a replacement for about $4 on eBay. Although it’s a little beat up, it’s served me well in the three times I’ve worn it the past four years.  


  1. I can't even remember my last jean jacket. it must have beenan unpleasant experience though, cause I'd never ever ever want to wear one again, for some reason. Love this one on you though! x

  2. Yay!! You're on the jean jacket wagon!! I hope you won't mind if I jump on your desert boot train. Those were my faves back in the day. ps–how are you maintaining a tan? are those the tanning towels? i've got them in the bathroom calling right now…


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