Chance of Flurries (See Jane Wear)

As you can see from the white-speckled photos, it snowed this past Saturday in Chicago.  I had my first Christmas party of the year to attend and it was the perfect way to kick off the holiday season.  That, combined with the freshly fallen snow and recently hung wreath in my apartment, the spirit of the season really started to come alive.  The party was in a friend’s house so I opted for shorts, rather than the usual dress or skirt that I normally wear at these types of functions.  I don’t look very festive but felt totally comfortable and can see myself wearing these shorts all winter.  I’ll save the red, green, and sparkles for the other parties I have in upcoming weeks!

Zara top, F21 shorts + booties, Gap tights, Banana Republic necklace

How was your weekend?


  1. The snow here in Chicago was SO pretty and made it feel even more like Christmas! I just moved to Chicago from Texas about six months ago, so I was like a little kid when I woke up and saw the snow πŸ™‚ LOVE the outfit and your fabulous blog!

  2. You look so pretty and the outfit is adorable! I have those Forever 21 shorts too and wore them this weekend! I LOVE them. And your necklace is amazing too! Glad you had a fun weekend.


  3. Ahhh! It was snowing when I walked into my apartment tonight. I wasn't lucky enough to flee Boston before the snow hit. Speaking of, you're on my email list re: San Francisco, but it seems like I can barely catch a spare moment lately! Um back to the important stuff (the clothes!) This blouse is great. It's such a fun basic. The pintucks really make it special.

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