Birthday Suit (See Jane Wear)

Thanks for all of your birthday wishes, everyone!  Your kind messages definitely soothed the sting of turning 26.  This weekend, I enjoyed a delicious meal at Stephanie Izard’s (Top Chef winner) resetaurant, The Girl and the Goat, tried on a couple more wedding gowns, and enjoyed spending time with friends.  On Sunday, my actual birthday, Eric and I got massages.  It was unusually warm for the end of November yesterday and I thought it was the perfect weather to don a puffy vest.  I’ve had it since college (it’s a little dingy) but it’s the perfect piece to wear before it gets too cold, which, unfortunately, should be any day now.

J Crew shirt, Gap sweater (lusted after here), Banana Republic vest,  J Brand jeans, Zara socks + boots (worn here), Rebecca Minkoff bag


  1. LOVE that you wore socks with those wedges and dying over your Rebecca Minkoff bag – too perfect. Sounds like it was a great birthday lady – I want a massage 😉

  2. as I scrolled through the comments I kept seeing "Great bday" and kept thinking people were telling you that you had a great body—haha. Socks and boots done to perfection; I will have to crib that style from you!


  3. Love your bag!! I have the same one in grey but wanted the brown one!! It sold out on gilt too fast though and I had to get the grey instead.

    I'm also in Chicago and have been dying to try Girl and the Goat. Loved Stephanie Izzard on Top Chef and met her a couple times at Green City Market BBQ. How was it?

    Also..for wedding dresses, have you heard of Vwidon? I got my dress from there. Their dresses are stunning and fit amazingly well (since they make each dress custom to fit your body). The dresses are very clean and modern (no sequins here!). I got my dress there 4 years ago but so many friends still go there and love it today. Their boutique is downtown on superior…Hope you give it a try!


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