Back to School: Preschool Style

It’s a big couple of weeks in our household.  Harry starts Kindergarten today (see his school supplies here).  And next week, Teddy is starting school!  He has a mid-September birthday so he just misses the cut-off of being in the 3 year old pre-school class; he still has a few years of school before he […]

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Why I ‘Dress Up’…Even as a Mom

The word momiform is trending, big time.  Just type it into Pinterest and you’ll see hundreds of thousands of pins and boards dedicated to the word.  However, Urban Dictionary defines the momiform as “an outfit worn by a 30-something mom that has lost all sense of style.”  Rude.  Honestly, moms this day in age have […]

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back to school supplies

Back to School Supplies for Kindergarten

Holy moly, it’s August.  I know everyone says that summer flies but this year was an extreme case.  In Chicago, we had a rough spring and June was basically a deluge so summer didn’t feel like it started until the 4th of July.  Here we are in August and my little Harry will be starting […]

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