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Why I Work Out: An Essay From Someone Who Hated Gym Class

Growing up, I desperately wanted to be athletic.  I started playing softball as a 1st grader and picked up soccer (God, I was awful at that) and basketball later on (I was marginally better at that).  I hung out with a sporty crew; we all wore Umbros, jogging suits (you know–swishy pants), and either Sambas […]

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All Grey, All Day

Grey is definitely a great definition of my mood post-holiday crash.  January always feels like fresh new start but gone are the vibrant colors and feelings from the holidays.  Because my mood and surroundings dictate my wardrobe, I’m feeling those moody, grey vibes.  Plus, it’s a no-brainer piling on the shades of all grey when […]

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New Year, Same Me

I’m not a huge fan of making life changing New Years’ resolutions. While I believe that people are capable of making huge, overnight life changes for themselves, I more so believe that the small changes we make are what produce the greatest longterm effects.  I don’t like to be set up to fail and making […]

This is 34

I turn 34 tomorrow, on November 21st and I can’t believe how fast it’s snuck up on me.  Once I started to think about my age along with what happened while I was 33, I became overwhelmed.  34 seems so…grown-up–so, mid-30s.  Yes, I have kids, a home, etc, but there’s something about that pesky number […]