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More Than Meets the Eye

It’s weird, you know.  Looking at these photos and seeing that I’m 20 weeks pregnant in them.  One day I’m pregnant and the next day I’m not.  It’s hard–really, really hard.  As I mentioned right after everything happened, it’s back to business as usual on these platforms.  And as I also mentioned, it IS jarring […]

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Coldest Day On Record in Chicago + How You Can Help

I’m all about trying to stay fashionable in the winter weather, but if I’m being honest, some days, there’s no use trying.  If you’re in the midwest, you know that this week is about to be brutal.  Reports are saying it could be the coldest day on record in Chicago–that’s insane!  This is not a […]

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A Winter Outfit – Because It’s Still Winter!

Another winter outfit; you’ll actually be seeing these for awhile on here because….it’s winter.  I posted a picture of this outfit on Sunday night saying I was about to take action on the current fashion retail calendar (my threats are pretty empty but I’m hopeful).  It’s so misaligned with the actual weather that by the […]

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Shop Your Closet: Black, Crew Neck Sweater

This week on “shop your closet” I’m featuring a thin, black, cashmere, crew neck sweater (it’s from Talbots on sale!).  It’s a true workhorse of my wardrobe and slips into an outfit at least once a week.  I’m a longtime cashmere fan and as soon as I could afford it, I started introducing it into […]

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