Structured, White Lace Top

‘Uh oh,’ I think the tropical weather in Miami has pushed me to the edge and I’m trying to embrace spring (as I watch the sleet currently falling outside my window). ‘It’s still winter.  It’s still winter.  You choose to live here,’ I mumble to myself, ‘but that doesn’t mean I can’t will spring to […]

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Real Outfit Recap + The Perils of Growing Up

I know, I know – a real outfit recap on a Monday?!  Last week was a doozy and I was out of commission all weekend.  I took Friday off to head to Ohio (my hometown) to help my mom pack up her house.  My parents built that house when I was 13 and I lived […]

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Moody Fall Florals

I told you last week that I was feeling mini dresses for fall, right?  Yep, I’m still loving those moody fall florals (shop floral dresses here).  This one is a little moodier–and a little more 90s.  As someone born in 1984, I consider myself a true 90s kid.  My siblings all identify as 80s kids […]

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Spring Leather (See Jane Wear)

IRO jacket (shop IRO jackets here), American Eagle jeans (shop distressed jeans here), Vince sweater, YSL bag (shop gray bags here ), Manolo heels Thank goodness for leather jackets in this weather.  You buy a jacket during fall, thinking that you’ll wear it through winter, but if you live in a place like Chicago, you end up wearing it […]