How to Wear White Jeans in Winter

Oh, white jeans, how I love thee.  Let me count the ways.  Do you know me?  If you do, you know I wear my white jeans all year round.  Why?  Because white is a color that can’t be contained to a single season here in Chicago–it’s a shade of denim that demands to be worn all year round–fall and winter included! 

In the back of your mind are you haunted by the “no white after Labor Day” mantra?  Please…that was a faux style rule made up by Good Housekeeping in the 1950s (or just a classist fad from the early 20th century–probably a mixture of both).  You can easily winterize your white jeans with boots, layers, coats, and texture.  In fact, it makes winter white look appealing. So there’s no need to match your clothing to the gloomy outdoors.  I say, if you’re going to be subjected to four months of winter/cold weather, you might as well have some bright whites in there. 

It’s crazy how versatile it is, too.  There are countless ways to wear bright white for just about any occasion.  You can dress up your white denim, dress ’em down, and it gives you a chance to get some extra mileage out of pieces that you might’ve thought only worked for the warmer months.

How to Wear White Jeans In Winter:

Now that I’ve convinced you that it’s safe to wear white jeans during winter, let me give you some outfit ideas of how to execute it.  Putting together white jeans outfits is easier than you think.  You already have the tools in your closet–no need to go out and get anything else.  But if the thought of actually wearing white jeans outfits during the colder months freaks you out a little, let’s take a step back first.  Think of it as breaking off the immediate seal; the first time you wear white jeans in winter, it might feel a little awkward–maybe you’re a little self-conscious, but that’s normal!  It takes a few times to get used to being the best dressed in the room (kidding, but not really) and soon you’ll be over it because you’ll realize how chic you look.

The easiest way to create white pants outfits from your own closet is to start neutral.  When you keep it light and neutral on top, the winter white on bottom doesn’t look so jarring.  Do you have a light grey sweater in your closet?  Probably.  If not, do you have a beige or tan top?  Probably.  So put on your white jeans and put on that sweater.  Et, voila!  You look amazing.  Then if you’re aching for some layers, put on a denim jacket (blue color) or even a leather jacket.  Denim on denim never hurt anyone and a classic jean jacket is a great piece to wear with white jeans.

Tips for Creating White Jeans Outfit Ideas For Winter:

  • If you’ll observe above, pairing white with peachy neutrals and snakeskin ankle boots (pictured above) is like “advanced white jeans in winter wearing.”  It wouldn’t have been my first winter white denim look; it took years of practice for me to realize that pinky-camel tones and white worked together in January.  But it’s chic, right?!  I could’ve easily paired this with nude heels (next time) but I feel like the texture of snakeskin took it to a next level while keeping my feet warm.
  • White skinny jeans are probably your most versatile option, but straight leg works, too!  So add a white t-shirt, brown belt, and an oversized cardigan of your choosing and I guarantee you will feel amazing.  
  • Black and white is a classic for a reason–go for a black sweater and poof! You look amazing.  Pair with a neutral tan or camel shoe, whether it’s a bootie or a flat.  You’ll wonder why you avoided winter white for so long.
  • Simple gold accessories look amazing with winter white look (would pair well with my gold diamond huggie earrings that I wear daily).
  • If you’re feeling adventurous, add a pop of color!  I will wear a bold red heel, lip, or bag with white pants all day long.  Even if you are keeping it light grey/tan/white everywhere else, the burst of color will keep it interesting while not overpowering the overall look.
  • Don’t be afraid to wear white jeans with your regular/functional gear.  White jeans with an oversized parka and LL bean duck boots?  WHY NOT!?  (See that look here)
  • Go monochromatic.  White on white?  You serious, Clark?  Yes, and don’t worry about spilling stuff on yourself.  I do it every day and it doesn’t stop me.  I dripped chili mac all over a grey sweater the other day and you don’t me shelving away all my light-colored clothes.  Clothes are meant to be worn and we’re so lucky to have washing machines that we can use to clean our clothes!  All my white pants I’ve had for at least two years–and they’re still kickin’.
  • Throw in a pattern if you’re feeling saucy (see that look here).  When I wore white jeans with a subtle checked coat, I felt like I struck gold.  Why hadn’t I done this before?  I still looked wintry and seasonal, yet was wearing a tonal white + grey look WITH a pattern. So I felt pretty proud of myself.
  • Add a camel coat.  It’s so easy and natural.  White and camel are like PB&J.

My Favorite White Denim Looks Throughout the Years

White On White Plus a Pattern
White Jeans in Snow
Hiking Boots with White Jeans
Army Fatigues + White Jeans
Camel coats always look chic with white jeans

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