March’s Top Sellers

I’m a little late here but take a look at my top sellers for March–I don’t think you’ll be surprised at all.

Amazon sunglasses (check out my Amazon shop here) Been wearing these nonstop and they’re $14.  Yep, $14.

Bissell Steam Mop – You guys…I am so glad you are loving this steam mop as much as I do.  Truly the MVP of quarantine! (it’s been in and out of stock at Walmart, where I bought it, but it’s in stock at Amazon right now.)

Everlane 90s cheeky jeans – A great pair of jeans–trendy-ish, no stretch, and they hug in all the right places.

Velvet Jude top – An easy, breezy top to add to your summer collection; wear with white jeans, dark jeans, jean shorts, etc.

Amazon neck masks – My neck is my Achilles heel–I’ve had deep lines all my life.  This may be a somewhat temporary fix, like all masks are, but if it makes any improvement, I’m in!

Target ‘slounge’ sweatshirt  (worn here) – this little Target sweatsuit (love that it’s called ‘slounge’ BTW) has been a nice addition during quarantine.

Target ‘slounge’ sweatpants (worn here) – The bottom half of the ‘slounge’ set.

Target tie-dye sweatshirt (worn here)- I’ve really been into Target during this extremely weird time and this tie-dye sweatshirt is no exception.

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