A Few of My Favorite Things (Big + Little Items That Would Make a Great Gift)

I didn’t really do gift guides this year.  I don’t know why–I just wanted to keep things more personal around here this season.  And if you’ve been hanging around here long enough you probably know a few of my favorite things.  And you might also be a last-minute kind of gal like me, too.  So, I racked my brain to think of some items that  I love that would make a pleasant gift.  Of course this list isn’t all encompassing but I rounded up some items that I have loved a long time OR am currently under their spell.  I tried to include some cheap thrills in here–we need to fill those stockings after all!  But remember that the best gift you can give someone is your time.  Or a leg and foot massage–that always works, too.

White + Warren cashmere wrap (shop more W+W here)- my favorite, most softest, largest scarf that I take on every trip.

Nespresso machine – At the rate prices are falling, this will be under $100–I can feel it!  But I love it and use it every morning.  Some people complain about Nespresso not making hot enough coffee but I think it’s piping each morning.

Laneige Night Lip Mask – I’ve had the same pot for a year and I’m only halfway through!  I love this stuff–I put it on my lips every night…especially during winter.

Equilibria (30% off until Wednesday at 2pm – use code SEEANNAJANE!) – I’m a big believer in the drops and Eric likes both the drops and the softgels.  They don’t knock me out, but rather take the edge off so my mind can stop wandering and I can get some restful sleep.

Shearling Birkenstocks (shop more Birks here)- I wear these around the house all the time.  The hardwood hurts my feet so these are my cozy indoor shoes for now.  But I wore them outside a lot in the fall.  Perfect for warmer climates, too!

Goyard ‘Anjou’ Bag – Gosh, I love this bag.  I have carried it pretty much daily since I bought it in April.  I love that no one has this reversible one–makes it a bit more luxe.

Audible (my favorite Audibles: Maybe You Should Talk to Someone, American Royals, City of Girls) – I’m an Audible addict.  I am hooked on audiobooks.  I’m definitely turning into my mother because I’ve started to listen to them at night with my eyes closed.

Billie Razor – What?! Don’t roll your eyes.  It’s a good razor.  I’d be thrilled if this was in my stocking alongside some Hanky Panky or Aerie underwear.

Underwear (splurge: Hanky Panky lace boy shorts (shop more HP here)/ save: Aerie lacy brief) – Hanky Panky is amazing and Aerie is basically just as good.  You can’t beat the price of Aerie, either!

EF Collection diamond huggie earrings – (shop more EF Collection here + look for less for $11!) – I bought the spendy huggie earrings and I re-opened my second ear piercing.  I love ’em!  But you can get dupes for a lot cheaper, so start there to test out the huggie earring.

one/third jacket 01  – of COURSE this is one of my favorite things! I made it! But it’s our best selling jacket, for good reason, and I love it so much.

Happy Holidays! 

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