A Simple Switch: Why I Choose Natural Cleaning Products

I don’t live in a totally “green” home; I’m trying, for sure, but there are plenty of home products I use that still have ‘unclean’ ingredients in them.  I think I started looking for and using natural cleaning products (that are plant-based) when I was pregnant. Like most people, I love a clean house but when you’re leaving your toothbrush on the vanity, or eating something off the counter, it starts to make you wonder what you’re ingesting unknowingly.  And of course, once I had kids, I decided it was easy to make the clean switch with a few easy, everyday products like multi-purpose spray and dish soap. I am proud to be partnering with Home Made Simple for today’s blog post as I’m a big believer in using plant-based cleaners and have been using them for years now.  When Home Made Simple sent me the multi-purpose cleaner spray and dish soap to use, I was impressed that they clean just as good if not better than other products I’d been using.  In fact, the multi-purpose spray works REALLY well on mirrors and glass, whereas my other similar cleaners leave a streaky mess. Plus, they’re under $5 a pop available at Meijer (I grew up in Ohio so I spent so much of my youth shopping at Meijer with my mom).

But why even use plant-based home cleaners?  Again, I won’t get on a soapbox that everything you use needs to be non-toxic because it’s just unrealistic (it is for me, too).  But if there are small changes you can make, like switch out your multi-purpose spray that you use for kitchen and bathroom counters, mirrors and windows, why not?

  • Natural cleaning products are better for your health–they’re on the surfaces of your home and you breathe them in, so a small switch could be super impactful for your family.  Kids are especially sensitive to the pollutants in traditional cleaning products, too.
  • The ingredients are biodegradable, which means the product is a lot better for the environment.  Plus, the packaging is made of recycled materials (and can be recycled again, obviously!)

So, do you dabble in any plant-based cleaning products?  If so, let me know why you made the switch?

*Thanks to Homemade Simple and Meijer for sponsoring this post!

why I switched to natural cleaning products

why I switched to natural cleaning products

why I switched to natural cleaning products
why I switched to natural cleaning products

  • I got sucked into purchasing a bargain basket of cleaning stuff on Facebook or Instagram, I forget which one now, I think from Grove Collaborative. Not sure, but, boy howdy! I’m loving the stuff! For some bizarre reason, I was determined to not like the effectiveness and so I didn’t think I would care for these products when I originally received them but, like you found, the all-purpose cleaner cleaned the mirrors perfectly! First thing I tried was the degreaser and I thought it worked as well as anything else I’ve tried without all the smelly fumes. I’m a first time grandparent now and living with chronic leukemia so the less chemicals, the better is all good for me! I’ll be continuing to purchase their products.

    • Love it! I have heard great things about Grove Collaboration, too. Congrats on the new grandbaby, too (the minimal fumes is great when they come over, too;)

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