Should I Enter the World of Clear Aligners? My Consult Experience with Candid

clear aligners with candid
At the Candid Chicago location

Raise your hand if you had braces growing up (clear aligners weren’t a thing yet). *raises both hands because my teeth were pretty messed up*  Raise your hand if your orthodontic experiences were traumatic. *raises both hands because, oh my gosh, I HATED THE ORTHODONTIST*  Raise your hand if your teeth have shifted and moved, even though you had the displeasure of years of metal braces. *raises both hands and hangs head in shame because I stopped wearing my retainers prematurely*

When Candid reached out about partnering together, I was instantly intrigued.  I’ve wanted to try clear aligners but was always put off by the cost and the process.  I went for a free consult from Candid at their Chicago location (they have locations all around the country!) and I’m really leaning towards doing it.  When I got my braces off in middle school, my orthodontist put in a permanent retainer for my bottom teeth and about a year in, it broke while I was eating something and I was so scared to tell my orthodontist (see above, he was a grumpy old guy) so I didn’t for about a month.  My teeth shifted and finally I told my mom; when I went into the orthodontist he got mad at me, of course, and told me my teeth moved. And they’ve been shifting ever since.

Now don’t get me wrong, my teeth aren’t terrible by any sense of the word!  I’m grateful for these teeth–they’re strong, healthy, and I can use them every day. But as I get older, maybe grind a little at night, have kids (pregnancy can take a toll on your teeth), my teeth have changed, shifted, and they could use a little tune-up.  My experience at the Candid office was quick, efficient, and I left feeling empowered with knowledge. They were able to take thousands of photos of all my teeth with a scanner, which they used to create my treatment plan and then my aligners. The technician also was super knowledgeable and explained how if we fix the crowding of my teeth, it’ll prevent plaque buildup–there’s a case for my future dental hygiene at play here, too.  Plus, the technology is cutting edge and real orthodontists are assigned to your case.  The cost can’t be beat–it’s a flat $1900 fee (you opt for monthly payments, too), which is a fraction of the price of other clear aligners. The in-person experience really sold me and now I’m deciding on whether or not to go through with it; although this post is sponsored by Candid, I will be paying for the aligners myself if I go through with it.  The treatment plan they provided is only three months, so I’m definitely leaning towards yes.

If you have never heard of Candid, rest assured, neither had I.  But I had a really great experience at their office and, if you’re curious, I’d definitely recommend getting a free scan at a studio near you or ordering a Starter Kit on their website and checking out what they offer.  I’m excited to finally fix those bottom teeth, twenty years later (without my former crotchety orthodontist).

*Thanks to Candid for sponsoring this post! (They also have a partnership with Smile Train to treat children with cleft palette around the world.)

clear aligners with candid
Getting up close and personal with my bite (over)bite
clear aligners with candid
My upper teeth (pretty straight still–unlike my bottom)
clear aligners with candid
What your Candid treatment plan looks like
clear aligners with candid
Camera in my mouth–beats the braces molds with the pink goo, right?
candid chicago
A chic office
candid chicago
Thanks, Candid!



  1. Missy Baker says:

    As a general dentist I say “buyer beware”! You are not being followed as closely as you might think by a dentist. I have seen many of these cases go wrong.

    • Hi Missy! I totally get the hesitation but from my research of this industry, most of the cases I have seen go wrong are when you’re responsible for creating your own molds at home. Because I was able to go in and use the same clear aligner technology (that has been around for a decade now) before getting my treatment plan, it made me feel more at ease. My case is pretty mild–which is why I’m leaning towards do it.

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