Amazon Prime Day – What I’m Buying (And What I’ve Bought In the Past)

They really hit us with the July sales, eh?  Well, I still try and patronize in-person stores but I DO love a deal off Amazon (and lots of other online retailers).  I wanted to show you what sales I’m purchasing myself today and what I’ve bought in the past that I would 100% recommend (and buy again!).

What I’m Buying:

Kids’ Toothbrushes – You’re probably like, what? But these things add up and we are constantly having to replace my kids’ toothbrushes.  If I can find them 50% off, you know I’m buying them.

Speaking of toothbrushes, I feel like I’m going to bite the bullet on this Phillips Sonicare Electric Toothbrush.  Eric has had this forever (and paid a hell of a lot more for it than I did) and never felt like I wanted an electronic toothbrush but it might be time.  I’ve caved!

Oribe set – Oribe is stupid expensive.  I kind of hate that I love it.  But the large bottle of dey texturizing spray lasts forever!  I had my last bottle for over a year and the travel bottle is perfect.  I also love the shampoo, but I’ll never buy it because it’s so expensive.  $52 for everything!

I LOVE my Sultra wand (below) but I want to experiment with a clamp and this has great reviews and is a great price, so I’m buying this curling iron in the 1.25 width.

My favorite Wet/Dry hairbrush always seems to disappear when Eric goes on business trips…so I’m getting him and the kids their own.

I always need new barre socks (I think my washing machine eats them, I swear) so I’m snagging these!

What I’ve Bought and Use In My Everyday Life:

Amazon Fire Stick – We have a few for the house and they’re amazing for streaming Netflix and Hulu.  This is the cheapest I’ve ever seen them! (I bought them last year for $25 each)

Echo Dot – I refused to succumb to Alexa but we finally did when my mom bought one for Harry (because he loves asking for music to be played).  We only use her for music but it’s fun to have in the kitchen and the boys love it.  (And I’m listening to it as I type this.)

Maxi-Cosi convertible car seat – I raved about this as it’s on sale at Nordstrom, too.  Pick your favorite retailer and get one–Teddy has been in his for two years and will be until he moves to a booster and Harry was in his forever, too!

Is the Dyson cordless vacuum worth it?  YES. I use it every single day.

I’ve been using this Sultra hair wand for about four years–it’s legit.  

Sunday Riley set – This is a great deal as Good Genes alone is $100!  It’s $100 for the set (at checkout) and the Ceramic Slip cleanser is great if you have combo/oily skin like me.

If you color your hair like I do, Olaplex is a godsend.  I use it weekly! (it’s $10 cheaper than it usually is)

I use my instant pot a few a month, sometimes weekly, and some of its best features are cooking rice and hard-boiled eggs to perfection. (Pinch of Yum has the BEST insta-pot recipes!)

This Vitamix is $179….um, that’s the best deal on this I’ve ever seen.  I not only use it for smoothies but also salad dressings, soups during the winter, and it even doubles as a food processer when I make granola with nuts!

Alright, I’m starting to get annoyed to see everything I’ve ever purchased on a massive discount.  Again, here’s my Nespresso machine that I use every single morning and it’s under $100. -_- (Vanilla capsules are my current favorite)

My whole closet renovation is brought to you by these huggable hangers–I love them!

If you have any recommendations, please share in the comments below!



  1. Be careful with Olaplex from Amazon. I bought from there and it ended up being fake product and destroyed my hair. My hairstylist told me you should only buy from Sephora or a salon so it’s guaranteed to be legitimate.

    • Fake?!?! Ahhh! I have only purchased mine from my salon but this came up on my prime homepage today and I thought to myself, wow, what a deal! That makes you realize that Amazon still has a long way to go and it’s kind of like the wild west. Scary stuff and thanks for the heads up!

  2. Love this little peek into this aspect of your life. Was wondering if you have a recommendation for shampoo and conditioner. Mine is just about the run out and I looking for inspirations 😉 … I have the Olaplex on my radar once I finish my present hair mask/treatment.

    • Hi Genevieve! I loooove to test new shampoos and find myself hopping around. I also like using both cheap and more expensive ones. Right now, what’s in my shower is: Living Proof, Nexxus, Kristen Ess..I really do like the Oribe shampoo I mentioned but it’s way too expensive to buy regularly.

  3. Thanks for replying Anna! I’m so glad that you recommended more economical options! I’ve never tried Living Proof nor Kristen Ed’s so I’ll look into them. I’m coming off the All Soft line and as much as I love it, after a litre, I’m ready to try something new. It’s all about living on the edge! Haha…

    • I’ve never tried Soft Line…I’ll have to look into it! I’m working with Nexxus for an upcoming post later this month but it’s such a solid, inexpensive shampoo that I’ve been using on and off for years. Kristen Ess is available at Target and I get the Gentle version because it’s not as strong-smelling (it smells great but the signature is a little much for me). And living proof is awesome. It’s something i’ve been buying off and on for years, too. I, too, like to live dangerously 😉

      • So glad you mentioned the Gentle version because I had assumed you meant Signature line and was going to write it off. Enjoy your time in Spain!

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