Best Native Dupes for Kids

This post is a bit of a diversion from my usual personal style blog post, but I love sharing all things style–that includes my boys’ clothing (remember their back to school outfits? RIP Gymboree).  I put an ask out on instagram stories today asking if any of you knew of any Native dupes that were less than $20.  I love Native shoes for my boys and am happy to buy them again, but man, my kids are TOUGH on their shoes.  Since the style has been out for awhile, I know there’s a ton of dupes out there, but I don’t want the boys getting blisters from the shoes.  They lived in their Natives the last two summers and usually Teddy wears Harry’s hand-me-downs, but the shoes are in such rough shape that I know that won’t happen.  I knew you moms out there would deliver; I received so many great suggestions AND  comments asking me to share the results so here we go!  A quick compilation of the best Native-like shoes for kids.  (It’s worth noting that a handful of you said there was nothing as good as Native–however, I’m willing to be the guinea pig and try out the new styles for you!)

  1. Old Navy ($12)
  2. Amazon ($13)
  3. Amazon ($16)
  4. Nordstrom Rack ($10)
  5. Cat & Jack ($12)
  6. Skechers ($20)

A few of you mentioned Walmart, but I couldn’t find them online.  People also love the TOMs version, although those aren’t much less than Native shoes (they’re $30).  Am I missing any?!  Share in the comments below.

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