Shopbop Sale: A Few Things I Bought (and Liked)

Hopefully you saw my post on the Shopbop sale that’s running; it was supposed to end today but they’re extending it through the weekend (ends 3/4/19 at 4AM EST)!  Yes, many of these items are for warmer weather (which we don’t have yet in Chicago) but I’m headed to AZ next weekend so they will be perfect.  Here’s a few things I bought:

And don’t forget some of my recent Miami wears (worn here) are also on sale including:




  1. I just had to comment and say: thank you so, so much for doing these type of posts. It’s so helpful for me to not only see what you tend to like from a sale (as overwhelmingly huge as Shopbop’s!) but also how you style, wear and interpret the items. Your blog is always the first I go to when I shop or need to invest in a new wardrobe item (I lean towards a ‘fewer but better’ wardrobe, so gotta do my research before buying anything). Again — thank you!

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