Real Outfit Recap + A Quick Allbirds Review

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It’s been a minute since I posted a Real Outfit Recap so I thought it was high time for one along with a quick review on my Allbirds shoes.  I have actually receive questions about them whenever I wear them and since they’re such a hot internet item (and have been for a bit), I thought I would give you my thoughts on them.

What I love About My Allbirds (I only have one pair)

  • Fit: they’re extremely comfortable – like walking on clouds.  I’m a true 7.5 and the size guide said to size up (no half sizes), so I did sie up to an 8.  They’re a smidge big, but a 7 probably would’ve been too small.
  • Wear: I’ve had them a year and I wear them often  – to the gym, running errands, etc.  I usually don’t wear socks with them, either.
  • They’re WASHABLE.  I don’t dry them.
  • They’re a cool and sustainably-centric company.
  • Consensus: I’ve had them a year and I love them.  They aren’t my ‘stylin’ cute outfit shoes–they’re worn more with my joggers, yoga pants, etc–even if they are pretty stylish themselves.  My feet don’t get sweaty in them and they’re super comfortable.  I wish I could find them in Harry’s size.
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allbirds review
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    • I’ve seen them online! They’re the cutest….I just never see Harry’s size…I should check out the new store in Chi!

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