All Grey, All Day

all grey monochromatic layers
Everlane sweater, Everlane jeans, Sezane coat (similar here), The Greats sneakers, Ray Ban sunglasses (shop more RayBan here), Chanel bag (shop more WGACA here)

Grey is definitely a great definition of my mood post-holiday crash.  January always feels like fresh new start but gone are the vibrant colors and feelings from the holidays.  Because my mood and surroundings dictate my wardrobe, I’m feeling those moody, grey vibes.  Plus, it’s a no-brainer piling on the shades of all grey when it comes to getting dressed in the morning.

Spring clothes are SO tempting once the new year hits but I try my best to resist unless I’m headed somewhere warm.  I would love to show you ways to spring-ify your wardrobe, if you’re interested (let me know in the comments!); but for January  and February, I keep it winterized, because…it’s still winter, you know, and it’s going to be here for awhile.

Lastly, because it’s Monday…I have three deep thoughts to share:

  1. I wouldn’t mind if it stayed here in the 40s-50s and just didn’t snow again until next winter. I do like snow but I think I’ve had my fill.
  2. I NEVER thought I would say this (like EVER), but I am finding myself looking at the chunky ‘dad’ sneakers.  I saw a couple pairs and it dawned on me that I owned them in middle school-ish and I thought to myself, ‘omg those are pretty cute.’   (They’re re-releasing a lot of the styles from the late 90s/early 2000s) . I had the Adidas Falcon, FYI 🙂
  3. I’m giving away a pair of denim on instagram!  I am the self-appointed jean queen (yikes, did I just say that) and I thought I’d kick off the year and give a lucky reader a pair for herself.  Head over to my page enter but also THANK YOU for your support over the years.  Appreciate you engaging with me and just being a generally chill, laid-back, awesome, smart crew.

See an all grey look from 2014 here…see? It’s classic!

all grey monochromatic layersall grey monochromatic layers

all grey monochromatic layers



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