I Want It All: Why I’m #InItTogether with LinkedIn

I like to work while I eat, especially if it involved Sweetgreen.

I’ve talked about my career journey on the blog before (working mom struggle post here); it’s a huge part of me and the blog itself has changed my career trajectory.  I’ve been challenging myself since the beginning of my career.  As a finance major who fell into management consulting, it was a new challenge every time I went to a new client.  I then challenged myself to completely change industries, follow my dream of working in fashion and take a chance on a small, men’s retailer start-up in Chicago where I’d spend the next 6.5 years.  During that time, I made unimaginable connections, pushed myself to do it all, worked harder at everything, and even had children.  I’ve since left that company to pursue working for myself on my own brand/blog (which was once a hobby) and to explore other opportunities, but my reason for working remains the same: I’m “in it” to have it all.  Before and even in industries today, women needed to choose one or the other.  I’m here to tell my “why,” break the mold, define my own success and you know what?  I also I want it all: a thriving family life as an involved parent AND a robust career.

Being a working parent is extremely difficult this day in age.  You’re expected to be connected at all times.  As a mother, there’s an unspoken expectation that you’re going to be involved with all of your children’s school and activities.  Last April, I made the decision to leave my traditional 9-5 job and work for myself (and also start working on a passion project).  I made that decision because I felt I had seen all I needed to see at Trunk Club; I was there at the beginning and had helped move the company through so many stages that I craved a new challenge.  I decided to take the risk and make my longtime hobby of blogging into my new brand and career.  I knew, deep down, that this move would get me closer to ‘having it all.’  I’m able to work (a lot) but also see my kids (a lot).  It’s a constant grind and I feel like I’m always on the clock, but you know what?  It’s exactly what I need to be doing right now.

There’s no way this would be possible without the total support of my husband, Eric.  We don’t work together in a professional capacity but we work together at home.  He has a demanding job that requires a lot of work and even more travel, but I can always count on him to be flexible.  The reason that I want it all is because I can have it all–and much of that is due to an understanding, ambitious and hands-on partner like Eric.  We work hard so that our boys will look up to us but also spend tons of quality time with them so that we have a solid relationship at home.  It takes a ton of work but I know it will be worth it in the end–and so far, it already is.

*Thank you to LinkedIn for partnering with this post!


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