Real Outfit Recap

similar Sea top (shop more Sea here), Levi’s jeans (shop more Levi’s here), Zara sandals (luxe version here)

The week you get back from vacation is ROUGH.  It’s even rougher when you come back and have a jam-packed weekend and get sick.  I went the Beyonce/Jay Z concert at Soldier Field and had to leave early because I was sick in the bathroom for 40 minutes (I also had a fever/chills, so I think it was just a bug).  I can’t remember how much I paid for that ticket back in February but suffice to say, I’d rather not remember…ugh.  On the bright side, the little bit of the show I saw was awesome.  I also made it to a birthday dinner I helped plan for a friend on Saturday night, but it was a bit of a struggle (light eating and no drinking) due to what I had the evening before.  But you know what, I’m back and feeling good!  It’s been a busy week and am excited to share some early fall and home content with you guys!  Have a great weekend and catch me on IG stories.

Cami NYC top (shop more Cami NYC here), Levi’s jeans, Everlane sandals, Celine bag
Flynn Skye dress (shop more Flynn Skye here), Parme Marin sandals (shop more Parme Marin here)
 The Range bodysuit (shop more bodysuits here), Levi’s jeans, M Gemi heels, Herschel belt bag (shop more belt bags here)



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