The White Denim Mini Skirt

white denim miniskirt
Everlane sweater, Paige skirt (a few sizes on sale here + look for less here), espadrilles, similar bag, sunglasses (look for less), Gucci belt

I had some hesitation about going back into denim miniskirt territory but ultimately took the plunge.  How is it different than the jean shorts I wear all summer, really?  What ultimately held me back was the underlying association I have with denim mini skirts: high school (and I probably wore them in college, too).  I think I wore them best with paired with a polo shirt and scarf belt.  Maybe some platform flip-flops, too.  Ah yes, so you can see why I couldn’t shake that mental image out of my mind. Anyways, here I am now, a 33 year old mother of two contemplating whether or not to buy another denim mini skirt.  Well, I quickly got over myself and realized that life’s too short: wear whatever the hell you want.  (Also, I’ve re-embraced minis as a whole post-30–read more about it here.)

white denim miniskirt



  1. Hi Anna! I’m a similar height as you and curious, what size Everlane sweater do you have? And are you happy with that size? Thanks so much!

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