On the Subject of Politics…

This is something I’ve wanted to talk to you all about for awhile.  We live in a politically charged state.  And like many of you, I was raised before 24/7 news existed.  You’d watch the nightly news and if anything happened overnight, you could read about it in the newspaper the next day or watch it on the morning news.  If something catastrophic happened, there would be news breaks flashing across the screen and your heart sank a little, ‘uh oh,’ you’d think.  ‘What happened?’

Fast forward to today and literally everything is breaking news.  More often than not, whatever just happened is a new and exclusive story.  News outlets are vying for the top stop and win the internets.  As a non-political writer/blogger, I’m exhausted–I don’t know how my friends who work in politics do it.  This 24/7 news cycle further perpetuates our nonexistent attention span as a society.  We get outraged, upset, worked up for just as long as it takes for another news story to come along for us to focus on again.  (It’s something that really bothers me about our culture but that’s for another day).  So what does this have to do with my blog and politics?  Well, sometimes I feel a little guilty for not using what little platform I might have for political discourse.   Trust me, I have opinions.  But once I get going, I can’t stop–haven’t you ever noticed how when checking the news, especially when you want your opinion validated, is addicting?  What modern-day politics has become is the insistence that one’s beliefs are correct and if someone doesn’t agree with said person, they automatically categorize them as: a.) sheep b.) an uninformed idiot c.) a terrible person d.) all of the above.  And because we all believe what we do so deeply, we’ll fight (literally fight) for those beliefs–for ourselves and on behalf of others.  That’s why politics are so personal; if someone says they don’t like wide leg pants, even though I love them, it’s like whatever–I can take them off because they aren’t part of me.  But if someone says they don’t like the candidate I voted for that I believe in, it’s like you’re saying, ‘I don’t like you or your beliefs.’  Our political views are shaped by our life experiences and in a way, they’ve come define us in society.

I want to connect with my readers on a personal level.  That’s why I blog and why I choose to share so many things on so many different platforms like here, Instagram, Pinterest, and IG stories.  For me, for this blog, I want to unite, not divide.  Our world needs really that today.  I truly believe that as humans, we have more in common than not; however, our walks in life are what shapes our politics and I’m not here to minimize what you’ve been through, because on some levels, I can’t begin to relate.  What I can do is talk about what I know, what I love and what I’ve experienced, because chances are, you’re here for a common purpose: maybe you’re going through a similar life experience as me right now, maybe you just love fashion, or maybe you need help styling that pair of jeans or perhaps you just want to escape reality for a minute. Sometimes I feel guilty talking about not-so-serious things when people are suffering.  Just because my content is about life and style doesn’t mean that I’m not attune to what’s happening out there.   It also doesn’t mean that I don’t get depressed, outraged or upset at what goes on in the world; in fact, I talk about politics often in person. It also doesn’t mean that I don’t think other bloggers should use their platform to express their opinions; if another fashion blogger wants to share their views and weave it into their content, by all means–I applaud them and it’s their prerogative to create whatever content they want.  But this is my space to decompress; writing about style and snippets of my life is extremely cathartic.  Others may not want to share deeply personal things like the death of my father, but that’s something I wanted to write about on here.  I personally feel like when you have a following you’re a bit damned if you do, damned if you don’t when it comes to social and political commentary (and I have a feeling people praise or put you down based on if you agree with their beliefs or not).

That being said, I’m not afraid to share my opinions. I’m not silent.  I exercise my right to vote (and you should, too!!!!!) and have since I was 18.  And while you might find me sharing my views on current events from time to time, I don’t want your association with me and this space to get overly political.  (In fact, a lot of what is happening in the world isn’t even political, in my opinion, but that’s a different conversation.) And if you’re yearning for more of my political views, you can always ask me in the comments or over DM; I’m happy to share my beliefs or opinion and you’ll see that they find a way to pop up organically, too (ahem, twitter).  But for now, this is where I come to share what’s happening in my life and as trivial as it seems sometimes, what I’m wearing–because that’s what I always set out to create here.


  1. I would agree if these times were politics as usual. However, these are not usual times. I think some of what is going on in the world is beyond disagreeement about usual politics and a lot more about our humanity and common decency which far outreaches the usual realm of politics. When families are being torn apart, when certain identifiable groups are being discriminated against for the colour of their skin, religious beliefs etc. I think if we want to live and raise our kids in a world that has common decency and basic humanity, we need to speak out and we need to use all platforms that are available to us.. If we do not, we are complicit in what is happening.
    But I understand that doing so, may cause you to lose some readership

    • To me, it’s not about losing readers, it’s about the time spent on this platform. I’d rather instill my moral and political values into my children than go back and forth bantering with people on the internet (which, if you talk about politics there, it’s going to happen. I can’t help myself!). I don’t consider myself complicit, even if i don’t want to share those views on the blog specifically (and I DO share politics on twitter and sometimes on IG stories – it’s more in the moment stuff)–I’d just rather address this issue than act like I don’t know things are happening in the world. Thanks for the thoughtful comment, though–I men it! And I get where you’re coming from! x . (And I did address my disdain re: the separation of families and have discussed my stance on gun control on various platforms, just not the blog.)

    • We are already over-saturated with people shouting their beliefs from every platform, which only results in a loss of impact, as many of us just tune it out from sheer exhaustion. The most frustrating part is that neither “side” wins these online arguments–the people that agree are going to continue to agree, and the people that disagree are going to continue to disagree, with each side just turning up the volume to try to force their point. In my opinion, that only perpetuates hate and division. I scan fashion blogs to escape the screaming noise for 5 whole seconds and simply appreciate the thought that went into a good outfit.

      • I think that defines how I feel. There’s no ‘winning’ and I don’t think it actually achieves anything, while voting and getting involved in politics DOES do something.

  2. Thanks for sharing this I think it was so well written and I actually appreciate you not sharing your political thoughts here. I’m tired of seeing celebrites and bloggers turn their stories and posts turned into political propoganda. I actually like it’s irresponsible of them to do this given the power they have over so many people. I also love how you say you rather teach and share these values to your children instead of your followers on the internet! Genius! I mean it seems like so many people have a lot to say over the internet when the problem is really happening in our homes- we are not discussing important topics like politics with our kids because we are too busy arguing on the internet.

    Anyways, I love your style and keep on doing what your doing I think it’s great!

    • Thank you, Jennifer. We’re responsible for raising this next generation and it’s so important to start instilling the right values at home. I’m a huge believer in that.

  3. Thank you for being you! People love to judge on what you should do or don’t do. Personally, My views don’t change because a blogger uses their so called “platform” to discuss their views. They don’t change my mind on anything. They think they are influencing/inspiring people to take action, etc. People have made up their minds on issues before they hear a blogger/celebrity talk about an issue. Honestly, it comes across a bit conceeded to think they can influence someone else’s views. They don’t have the same life experiences, upbringing, economic/social environment, etc. I think it’s more of a “platform” to get people together who share the same views and have a bonding session to hear what they want to hear. All it creates from what I’ve seen is a platform for people to argue back and forth. So much negativity. We are bombarded with views and information everywhere we turn and it’s exhausting! I don’t need every person I follow on Instagram (a lot) and Facebook to constantly express their beliefs. It’s their prerogative and it’s mine to unfollow (which I do often) when it becomes too much. I am aware of the worlds issues and don’t need left and right reminders. I choose to take actions in my personal life to better the world and not necessarily “talk” about it. Of course, I talk about it with the people in my life. But random strangers on social media, no thanks. I’d rather spend that time with my kids or actually doing something about the issue I’m passionate about.

    • You hit on something and I wonder if why I feel this way because I don’t want this space to become negative. Again, it’s not about losing followers – people will leave me and grow out of me and that’s ok, but once you introduce things like politics and religion people get HEATED and stoop to name calling and unkind words. I just don’t really want that in this space in particular. On twitter, sure 🙂

  4. I admire your decision to leave politics aside- today’s climate is absolutely exhausting- I come to your site for light & fun- I know you are an intelligent, informed woman- and entitled to feel/believe whatever you do- but sometimes it’s nice to just smile- say, wow, I really like those pants!…and not have guilt. Keep it up!

  5. Thank you for this post. While I don’t hold it against those who choose to use their public platform to share their beliefs, the current political climate has just become so hostile and honestly it is exhausting and stressful! I (like most) have very strong feelings about our current environment that I’m happy to share in the appropriate setting but sometimes you just need a break and need to tune it out. Thanks for letting us have something else to focus on!

  6. Britney Crawley says:

    I love this and I respect this. It actually bothers me when bloggers I follow use their platform for politics, especially when they’re uninformed about certain subjects. When I want to know about politics, I look to political experts. When I want to know about other lifestyle or fashion things, I look to my favorite bloggers. It’s kind of a ‘stay in your lane’ thing. That’s just how I feel personally about it, but I may be in the minority. Thanks for sharing this.

  7. I read this post this morning and have been thinking about it all day. I’ve followed you for awhile because I do feel a connection with you through your blog – you have a very inclusive writing style that makes everyone feel so comfortable and like they “know” you. And I truly appreciate the catharsis behind your more personal posts. I know that takes guts to share. If I wanted fashion without commentary, I’d read Atlantic Pacific or look at Instagram. If I wanted fashion with attitude, I’d read Man Repeller. I read you because you’re a real human (a mother to boot) who has a kick-ass sense of style.

    But today, you may lose a follower in me. I don’t think this is about politics anymore. Children in cages? A woman’s right to choose? Vilification of immigrants? This is not okay. I think what’s going on has gone beyond candidates and “beliefs”. And it know it’s ugly out there, but if we turn away and look only for pretty things to distract us, I believe we’ll be still looking at those pretty things when the rights being taken away finally affect us. “First they came for the socialists…”

    I’m also not a political expert, but just “voting” doesn’t count anymore. And why doesn’t a voice count if it’s not an expert? What even is a political expert anymore? I think we’ve come to a point where if we have a platform to move the needle on change, we must use it. You’re smart, you’re skilled at connecting with people and you have strong beliefs. So why not stand up for them here, too? And you shouldn’t have to banter or whatever it is people do to each other in the comments behind the veil of internet anonymousness, you leave the hateful comments where they are. And isn’t it important to show your boys that you use your strength as a mother and a blogger to expand the voice of what’s right? What’s fair? What’s American?

    And by no means do you have to push out the news a la cable tv. We already see that. But look at the way bloggers like Joanna Goddard, Emily Henderson, and Erin Gates are putting it all out there, saying THIS IS NOT OKAY. And they give us a call to action. Because we all need to act. Even Garance Dore is toeing the political line. And there are more. Please don’t be silent. This world needs strong women like you being the voice of the future for all of our children.

    • Hi Shannon – Thanks for your thoughtful and insightful comment. I agree with you in the sense that a lot of what going on i the world transcends politics and I will comment on that from time to time (mostly on twitter, maybe on IG stories) but to me, the slope is slippery when it comes to political and social commentary. I just don’t want this particular platform to turn into that because I already spend enough time on the internet as it is, and when I start opening it up on my blog, I fear I’ll never look away. And that’s not what I set out to create here. My gut tells me the majority of people on seek for their opinions and personal views to be validated on the internet, rather than respectfully debating. The fact that you can assume what I stand for (and largely, you’re correct) tells me that I’m using this platform for good and that I am, in fact, putting myself out there (somewhat) politically.

      I admire those who are putting it out there. What I personally struggle with is me speaking my piece and the a few hours later, I’m telling you outfit details–I guess I don’t know how to switch gears that easily and it’s something I’m sensitive about. Also, I respectfully disagree about voting and getting involved in local politics; to me, that’s one of the most important things you can do and I feel that’s more important than voicing my thoughts online. I also think explaining and instilling my values into my children is equally as important–to me, neither of those things are being silent, not in the least bit. This isn’t a perfect example but I’d liken my decision here to becoming a mommy blog. As you probably know, I have two kids and love them very much but largely, I choose to keep them off my blog (except for an occasional mention or family photo) but in reality, they’re the biggest part of my life. I chose to share snippets of them on other channels but this blog will never turn into a mommy blog. For example, I don’t really want to share how to get my kids on a sleep schedule because 1.) I’m not an expert…no idea how to do it/I just figured it out/am doing my research like everyone else 2.) my blog is my respite away from some other real-life things that may be important to me (values, family, political stance, etc). It always has been for the past 8 years and while real-life essays may slip in from time to time (like this!), I want to stay consistent because that’s what I’m passionate about.

      I genuinely hope not to lose you as a reader and can’t thank you enough for taking the time to leave such a provoking comment (this response took me a long time because my ‘n’ key is stuck, ha). I wanted to address this topic of politics on my channels head on rather than ignore it and go about posting as usual. It’s smart people like you I like connecting with – I hope you can understand where I’m coming from (and follow me on twitter if you’re looking for more politics 🙂

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