Black and White Summer Outfit

all white and black outfit
IRO jacket (old but similar + shop IRO here), Range bodysuit, 3×1 jeans (shop more 3×1 here + awesome white jeans under $100 here), Chanel bag, sunglasses (shop more cat eye sunglasses here), Parme Marin sandals – on sale!

I love wearing black and white year round and spring is no exception.  It’s easy to wear all white and it looks super chic, too.  But throw in a little black, and it gives the look an unexpected edge–like maybe you aren’t as sweet as you look.  I feel the same way about home decor; I like a white palette but pops of navy and black to keep things interesting.  This is totally an outfit you could wear in a professional setting if your work allows white denim (but I’d swap the shoes for ballet flats or woven slingbacks).  In fact, this is an outfit that I’d wear while giving a presentation because it kind of commands attention (and shows  that you have great taste in clothing).

all whiteall white on white black



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