New White Denim: Cropped Wide-Leg

white denim culottes
Topshop jean jacket (wearing a 2 – runs big), J Crew striped top (on sale), Paige culottes (also here), Club Monaco mules, Future Glory bag

Alright, we can all relax now: spring is actually here.  While the southern and western states have been showing off their warm temperatures and blooming flowers, I’ve been silently begging our trees to actually sprout something…anything!  It’s been an unusually cruel April for certain, but I have a feeling the rest of the spring and summer will be kind.  At least, that’s what I have to tell myself, or else I’m staying in the Bahamas when we visit next month.

So, yes, spring is here, I’m feeling confident about that.  Therefore, white denim is in full effect and I can wear my culottes freely.  And these white, denim culottes are pretty much my favorite right now (remember I wore them two weeks ago?).  These are a welcome departure from skinny jeans–I love the wide leg and they look good with just about any top.  I’ll be wearing them loyally until mid-September when I am decidedly over summer.

white denim culottes wide leg crophow to wear oversize denim jacket



  1. Ohhhh my goodness, I absolutely love that mini bag! And this outfit is basically the new inspiration for my Summer wardrobe. Love checking out your blog for new outfit inspiration!

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