The Camel Blazer (See Jane Wear)

banana republic camel blazer outfit
Banana Republic blazer (similar), vintage fur stole (similar), rag & bone jeans,
Manolo Blahnik pumps, Saint Laurent sunglasses, Chanel bag

This camel blazer has popped up on my instagram a few times and it’s become an easy favorite.  It has a decent weight to it and can double as a coat–well, during a warm winter, at least.  I’m sorry, but I have to go on a tangent about this blizzard we experienced this past weekend–it went from 60 degrees to snow in a blink of the eye!  I turned 31 on Saturday (officially well into my 30s) and I can’t honestly remember the last time there was snow on my birthday.  One year older and lots of snow–this is 31.

PS My husband planned an awesome surprise birthday party at Gogi because I LOVE Korean BBQ.  What a rascal–it was a fun night with my favorite people and also delicious, so if you’re in Chicago (it’s far north), check it out!



  1. So sorry that the storm hit on your birthday! I live in Chicago as well and was shocked by the amount of snow we got in November. I'm glad you had a great evening. I'll have to try out Gogi sometime. Thanks for the recommendation. You look fantastic in this camel blazer. I love the fur collar. Happy Birthday!


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