Hint O’ Mint (See Jane Green)

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From these outfit pictures, I would’ve thought mint was the “it hue” of 2012 but it seems to be back this spring with a vengeance.   Pastels are always easy in the spring and summer; the hard part is wearing them when it’s nearly freezing outside.  For now, I’ll heed my outfits from last year and try to reinvent my love of mint in 2013.

As for the home decor photos, mint is not limited exclusively to the fashion world (I have a hunch that mint will be big for weddings this year).  Eric and I are moving in a few months and I’m dying to try a hint of mint somewhere in the new place–a bedroom wall, kitchen accessories, or maybe a piece of furniture–what do you think?


  1. I was definitely late to the game with Mint. I really didn't start wearing it until recently. I just bought a Coach bag in mint and I've been wearing it non-stop. I've actually been loving wearing mint and pastels in the winter. It's a fresh change up from the dark colours that are everywhere. Mint for the home would be gorgeous. I just keep picturing the Kitchen Aid stand mixer in mint. Your pics are beautiful and so are your outfits!

    xo Jenny

  2. How about a mint Kitchenaid, if you don't already have one? [Wait, just saw someone else wrote that!]

    I got a mint purse from J. Crew, and I feel horribly awkward wearing it in the Chicago winter with bulky coats! Can't wait until it's sunny again and I can bring it out.

  3. Ha! I just did a post on mint as well–well actually Grayed Jade to be exact. Love the mint trend, and love your interpretation! I actually have used your outfit with mint pants, chambray, and a cream top as inspiration for my own wardrobe. Great minds think alike! 🙂

  4. I love the color mint, its so soothing and it reminds me of the beach for some reason. Odd? I think mint pillows for the couch or even a mint color borders for you pictures that in frames. Thats subtle, but still provides a tid bit of personality!

  5. I'm definitely on the mint bandwagon. I painted our kitchen a dreamy shade of mint in the fall and love the freshness that it brings all year round (especially in these winter months). Loving that top kitchen btw!

  6. Oh, you have just made me realize our new place's walls are mint as well!I have never made the connection because they call it something that can be translated as "ice white" here, don't know why, may be because mint sounds weird when translated into Turkish, especially as a wall paint, I suppose.It's been big here on walls for the last few years!

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