Glitter Boots – Part I (See Jane DIY)

excess glitter

There’s a story behind these sparkly kicks.  First, my friend at work saw a picture of glitter booties and proceeded to order some from Victoria’s Secret.  She told me she wasn’t in love with them (since she wanted a lower heel and brown/gold colors) and luck would have it that I found this DIY project (originally done here).  We excitedly told each other we’d work together to make the perfect glitter booties.  Fast forward ten days later and we find ourselves at a Starbucks near work, wreaking havoc while passersby chuckle at us and the glittery mess we made.  They’re far from perfect, but regardless, the end result is pretty cool.

old navy boots, before being glitter-fied
…and after.  for now.

I’m not finished with them yet as my friend suggested that we buy some chunkier glitter to fill in some of our gaps.  Here’s to hoping they’ll be closer to perfect when I debut them!


  1. The original DIY is actually from my blog HERE

    Since it's a leather material, I'd suggest roughing the back (and heel) up with some sandpaper first to get the glue to cling on better. I also used a mix of smaller and larger glitters to make it less patchy but still light-catching.

    Hope that helps 😀

    xx T
    Le Fanciulle

  2. Wow T I am really shocked by how this is glamorous used your pictures. I know she gives credit right at the end but you have to look hard… I think its pushing it a bit!
    Jane I can't wait to see the finished product!

  3. Oh sparkly fabulousness! I bet that if you rough up the material the glitter would stick better and I like the bigger glitter idea! I have those boots in gray, but I am too nervous to try glitter-fying them 😉

  4. I also think you should try taping it off for a cleaner finish. I know it's not don't but try sanding it as well to it has something to hold on to.

    Hope it comes out better once your get the better glitter, also try throwing in a little more glitter in there, not to wear you can't pant it but just so it's a better consistancy.

  5. I can't believe you made the poor Starbucks workers clean up your glitter mess! Not cool! Crafts belong at home where you clean up your own mess… If you don't want to clean it up why should someone else?

  6. hey @anon – I totally agree that it would be rude to leave a glittery mess all over starbucks, however, my friend and i were quite diligent about cleaning up after ourselves. plus, one of the barista's came over to see what we were doing (we were also drinking coffee while doing it) and laughed with us about it. I assure you that I wouldn't expect them to clean up after me.

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