All Black (See Jane Wear)

                                                                 Anthropologie blazer, J Crew skirt (worn here), UO tee, Express tights, F21 booties

I spent the past weekend in LA where it was unseasonably warm.  When I packed, I knew it would be nice, but I wasn’t expecting temperatures in the 80s.  My legs aren’t quite ready yet to go bare, so I still wore sheer tights around (these are a light gray, but yes, they seem to look like my skin).  I wish I had been wearing a bit more color to go along with the tropic temps, but sometimes I just love all black (especially in January).


  1. I never get tired of all black, especially if you add some texture like your gorgeous skirt. I wore shorts on Saturday night and it was so warm I decided to go without tights, but regretted it later when I saw how white my legs are! I should have done the nude tights thing like you did. Oh well, next time. Love your entire outfit!


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