Layer Cake (See Jane Wear)

When I graduated college and got my first ‘real’ job, I was guilty of frequently philandering my paychecks on new dresses and tops.  Not to say that my love for shopping has waned (at all), but I’ve definitely become more aware of my shopping habits and try to make a conscious effort to purchase things that I’ll wear more than once.  I have a handful of dresses in my closet from this time period (2007/2008) that sadly, have only been worn once or twice.  Blogging has definitely made me more aware of my outfit choices (in a good way) and has also made me look at my closet with a more critical eye.  I don’t discount things in my closet as quickly as I used to and have becoming better at trying different items on together first before writing them off.

Take this Tibi dress that I uncovered deep in my closet, from years back.  My roommate had first purchased it in purple and I subsequently fell in love with it.  I had to have it–no questions asked; I think I ended up wearing it twice.  Because the weather was arctic this weekend, I couldn’t just wear one of these dresses in question underneath a blazer–I needed additional layers for warmth.  I ended up wearing a plain black tee under the dress and topped it off with a blazer.  Don’t worry, I wore another coat on top in addition to scarf and gloves when I was outside.

Tibi dress, Anthropologie blazer, HM tee (worn here), UO shoes (worn here)


  1. I love the dress layered… and the colors work perfectly!

    PS: My xmas party was so fun!! Ran out of time and didn't get to make your bark, but hopefully I will when I go home in a few days 😉

  2. What a fabulous dress to find in the back of your closet! I've been doing the same thing lately and trying to get additional wears out of really old dresses. It's fun to experiment with things we already have! You look adorable and it's good to know that you can still wear dresses there in the winter (even if you need scarves, hats, gloves, and big overcoats).


  3. Great idea! I am going to revamp my work style at my new job in January (I don't see anyone at all at my current one so I do the bare mininum: no makeup, basic cardis and pants….BORING) and I need new stylish secrets! Keep 'em coming! 🙂

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