Loafing (See Jane Idle)

Did you have penny loafers when you were growing up?  I did.  Did you love sticking pennies in them?  Sure did. 

I want penny loafers again…in a bad way.  And not just because I want(ed) to be Stacy from the Babysitters Club.  You don’t have to look like you’re in 6th grade anymore when wearing penny loafers!  They will look awesome with cuffed jeans or even a mini skirt with tights.

To loaf or not to loaf?  I wish I still fit into my pair from elementary school.


  1. Oh my gosh – love the patent. I had oxblood and black and wore them all the time in gr.7/8 then something happened and I got into the real pointy flats and peter pan boots….anyone else?
    Great blog.

  2. Yes! I definitely had a pair of penny loafers and put pennies in them. I loved those shoes. I kind of want a pair now too. Especially in this color you posted. What a great look!


  3. umm, tell me you've read What Claudia Wore


    It is a hilarious blog which breaks down that section in every Baby-Sitters Club book where each girl's clothing is described in detail. (ie the best part of every book).

    And in further "get outta my head" news for today, I was wearing my shiny penny loafers last week and actually went through my wallet, inspecting all of my change to see if i had any pennies shiny enough to go in my penny slot. (I didn't).

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