Summer Glow (See Jane Emit)

Confession:  I love spray tans.  It makes me feel instantly more confident and radiant; it’s an instant pick me up,if you will.  I wear sunscreen every day and don’t spend a lot out time outside these days (see: indoor job), but I really enjoy having a glow about me.  I’m all about embracing what works for you but I’ll readily admit that when I’m pale, I have a sallow tone at best.  Don’t worry, you’ll see it in full force this winter. 

J Crew tank, Zara skirt, H&M belt (worn here), J Crew shoes (worn here), Michele watch  

As we near the end of summer, please divulge your guilty summer pleasures?


  1. See this adorable look that you've achieved here? That's kind of what I was going for today. I think I may have missed the mark a bit. You look fantastic.

    Anyway, yes, summer. Before I had my daughter, I used to actually go tanning (*gasp*!). I'm terrified to do that anymore, so now I just try to embrace my Casper-like lack-of-glow. I'm too busy (lazy?) to get a spray tan or use self-tanners that make you wait for them to dry before you can get dressed.

  2. uggh tanning here too! (Trying to get more into the spray tans more, but without fail I always have an orange blotch somewhere! Even after years of working at a tanning salon – you would think I would get the process down!) I have only gone in the booth once a week or two just so I am not transparent! I am pale pale pale and work indoors – so I feel your pain!

  3. That is a really great spray tan! It looks perfectly natural and you definitely have a pretty glow. Love the outfit, that skirt is fabulous on you. By the way, I went to H&M over the weekend to get that blue and white striped skirt you wore last week and they were all out of my size. πŸ™ Oh well.


  4. oo πŸ™‚ itΒ΄s beautiful! tis is my fav combination of garment…shirt, hight waisted skirt and belt itΒ΄s perfect
    BTW. i should be your 70 follower here…well i hope so because i am new here and i donΒ΄t know if iΒ΄m doing it right πŸ˜€
    but wahteve…and you are really pretty too πŸ™‚

  5. You know how to do a spray tan, Anna Jane. Hot damn that looks good.

    I'm always scared I'll come out a streaky mess of prisoner in a jacket picking up trash on the side of the highway orange. That would be my luck.


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