front tie shirt

Front-Tie Poplin Shirt

We’re talking about the front tie shirt here BUT I posted on instagram last month that I dug these flare jeans out of the depths of my closet.  Flares?! I loved them so much the past two years and them boom–forgot about them (pregnancy didn’t help).  Speaking of pregnancy, I bought this front tie top […]

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tanya taylor ikat martine

Floral Bell Sleeve Top

I’m welcoming more and more pattern into my life.  I was a bit pattern-averse over the past couple years but I’m now back on the wagon.  Bell sleeve tops are a trend I’m getting behind and it seems to have longevity; as soon as I saw this floral bell sleeve top, I knew I had […]

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Sweet Little Romper (See Jane Wear)

  Happy Monday!  What better than to kick off this summer week than with this fun, little, floral romper?  I bought this floral romper from Zara for $40 and it was one of those online shopping instances where I randomly put it in my cart without thinking twice.  Once I received it, I couldn’t get […]

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Gingham One Shoulder Top (See Jane Wear)

Oooh, this top.  It fulfills a fantasy my high school self once had.  Let me explain: I discovered Forever21 for myself in high school–around 2001.  It was cheap, it was trendy and I could buy it myself–basically everything a 15 year old could want.  For some reason, one-shoulder tops just remind me of my early […]

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